Friday, July 22, 2011

GOP - Wealth Does Not Buy Wisdom

Supposedly overheard at a wealthy GOP donor confab:

I’m Republican but I voted for President Obama, because I couldn’t live with Sarah Palin.

I used to think people who worked hard and created a lot of wealth must be pretty smart, but now I wonder. Could this statement really be true, or is the state-controlled media pushing their "scary Sarah" meme.

The fact that they admit voting for Obama means they are either very stupid, or complicit in his efforts to "radically transform America." And the reason given was they "couldn't live with Sarah Palin!?"

Can someone please explain what was so objectionable about a pro-life, pro-domestic energy, pro-free market, fiscal Conservative, female Governor of our largest state riding an 80% approval rating as the VP nominee? Is this simply sexism? Or have we as nation been brainwashed to the point that we believe the radical left's characterization of Conservatives as far right radicals?

There is nothing radical about Classical Liberalism/Conservatism unless you are a committed socialist/marxist/statist/progressive. Either you are for freedom and limited government, or you want larger and more intrusive government, with far less liberty.

Contrast Palin with the Obama/Biden ticket that had zero executive experience, but plenty of experience in community agitation, plagiarism, government growth and Marxist dogma.

Did these wizards of smart not see Obama's interviews, read his writings and listen to his goals? They had to have been total political neophytes not to see what was coming under the Obama regime. Obama was quite literally suckled by the Marxist teat. His parents, grandparents, friends, professors, advisors and preacher were all committed radicals, terrorists and socialists. What could have possibly made someone think this guy was going to govern from the center after his election? Obama's first term will be as "centrist" as you will ever see from him. That should give everyone pause before the next election.

This will be the most important election in my lifetime and will have ramifications for decades to come where our freedom is concerned. I hope that even the wizards of smart use their brains this time before making donations or entering the voting booth.

Pray for our nation.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

We Are Now A Thugocracy

"I cannot guarantee that those checks (Social Security) go out on August 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it," President Obama on CBS

It is appalling what this man is willing to do. What possible purpose is served by scaring seniors with a threat like this. They did not run the debt up to $14 trillion. They are not responsible for all the waste, fraud and abuse. They did not vote for the union bailouts or the non stimulating stimulus. They did not hire scores of czars and grow government by the thousands. If there is any money problems Mr President, look in the mirror and at your own party.

Someone that cares about this nation would have heard the people loud and clear back in November of 2010. We are tired of the wasteful spending and the ever increasing debt. We want CHANGE. Not that hopey/socialist kind of change, but real change where Washington operates on a budget and does not spend more than it takes in. Why is that so difficult for the "most intelligent President ever?"

The national debt is an outrageous $130,000 per taxpayer and almost $47,000 per citizen. In what universe do we need to be borrowing more? I once read the following in a very good book. The wisdom of this short little verse is profound, but seemingly lost in the hallowed halls of government.

The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender.
Proverbs 22:7 ESV

Its well past time to stop being a borrower. With the wealth of resources God has given us and the freedom we should be enjoying, we should be the world's financier and leading exporter of energy, instead of groveling to China and the Middle East.

To solve Obama's debt crisis, we need more TAXPAYERS, otherwise known as EMPLOYED FOLKS, because the burden is already overwhelming those fortunate enough to be employed during the current administration's "fundamental change" of our country. The only hope we have to get out of this mess is to drastically cut spending, regulation and taxes. This will allow the private sector to create more jobs, grow the economy and produce enough revenue to balance the budget and retire the debt. Sucking more money out of the private sector prevents that from happening!

Here is my simple solution. No more golf games for Obama, and no more luxurious taxpayer funded vacations for the First lady, until enough government spending is cut to at least balance the budget this year. I know how much Obama likes golf and how much the FLOTUS enjoys free travel, but it is a sacrifice that is necessary. Maybe then the gravity of the spending/debt situation might get his full attention.