Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Message of Massachusetts...

Along with most Americans I was happy to see Scott Brown win in Massachusetts, but not that surprised. Even though this election was to replace Ted Kennedy, one of the most liberal Senators in my lifetime, and in one of the most liberal states in the union, this election was about course correction.

The Democrat party is not the party that my parents supported. The leadership is full of people who truly believe that government can do everything. And the bigger the government, the better they can do it. Individual Democrats worship Chairman Mao and other radical leftists from history. They crave power to implement all their socialist dreams on an unsuspecting population. And for years, Democrats could rely on union members, Democrats and others to support them no matter what.

Well, last night something changed all that. A Conservative candidate won in a very blue state. He may not be the perfect Conservative for everyone, but he is a far cry from Ted Kennedy when it comes to important issues like fiscal restraint or a government takeover of health care. Small steps, right?

With Obama's win in 2008, and the Democrat takeover of Congress two years earlier, the country has been on a downward spiral, made worse by reckless Obama policies. Unemployment at 10% (much higher (17%) if you count those that have given up), foolish spending and treating terrorists as common criminals are just a few of the problems created by the current leadership.

Voters have had enough. Its not really a Republican versus Democrat thing. It is a Progressive versus Conservative thing. America is a Conservative country and Americans recoil at the thought that government will run their health care or anything else. Hopefully a moderate Democrat party will emerge from this defeat, but somehow I doubt it. November should be a major course correction back to the center of the political spectrum where most Americans call home.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All Politics Is Physical...

This is a funny, but typical story of politics in the age of Obama.

Martha Coakley (Democrat) is running in the special election in Massachusetts (or is it Massachusettes) for the Senate seat vacated by the recent death of Ted Kennedy. For some reason a week before the election she is in Washington meeting with health care lobbyists and raising gobs of cash from unions and pharmaceutical companies for who knows what favors down the road.

Outside the happy gathering, The Weekly Standard's John McCormack is assaulted by one of her goons when he has the audacity to ask Queen Coakley a question about some of her recent debate answers. I know that is some pretty serious stuff. Anyway, here is the account from the reporter along with video: We Report, We Get Pushed.

The liberal Boston Globe, first posted this laughable report of the crime: Reporter takes stumble chasing Mass. candidate. Somehow their version of the events has the reporter falling down only to be helped up by the kind stranger.

Within a day, a new story in the liberal Boston Globe appeared: Weekly Standard reporter says he was pushed by Coakley aide. Never mind the video and the eyewitness accounts, must protect the liberal goon and candidate. The comments at the bottom of both Globe articles are priceless!

The race is very close with Coakley and the Republican candidate, Scott Brown, virtually tied. Which is amazing in of itself, because Massachusetts is probably the most liberal state in the country. This is a state that already "enjoys" government health care and elects such notable liberals as John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank to Congress.

Other fun stuff on the race:
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Spirit Of Esther...

I just finished some research on Esther from the Bible for an online project. For those not familiar with the story, Esther is a young Jewish girl who becomes queen of Persia and later is instrumental in saving her people from destruction.

The secular world, and in some churches too, want to make the story nothing more than a beauty pageant for Esther. But there was so much more going on behind the scenes. At every turn God's favor lifts her above the other potential candidates. When she dares to go before the king unannounced, God's favor spared her life so she could intercede for herself and her people.

As favor had protected and promoted Joseph before her in Egypt, Esther was prepared in advance for the exact moment God had planned to use her. After fasting and praying for three days along with all Jews in the city, Esther was able to save her people and see their enemies destroyed.

I know I'm not alone in my comparison of Esther to Sarah Palin. I too think she was born for this moment. At a time when corruption reigns supreme in Washington and freedom is on life support, God has raised us a champion. A person who believes in all the good America stands for and who is willing to fight against the tyranny of the left. A mother that served time in local politics and later as Alaska's Governor. A woman who really believes in small government, accountability and in harvesting the abundance that God has blessed us with here in America.

Whatever the future holds for the Governor, I'm glad she is out there fighting for America.