Monday, October 03, 2005

Mystery of Life #3

I must confess I love women. I think they are God's greatest creation. I think the female body is perfect exactly the way God made it.

But somehow during the last couple of decades I've noticed a major shift among the fairer sex. Most prevelant among the younger generation, there is an obsession with adding things to their bodies like tattoos, piercings and implants. Let me take them one at a time.

Tattoos - There was a time when only dusty old sailors off on a drunken port visits would ever be caught with a tattoo. But now you see teenagers sporting them all over their bodies - lower back, neck, shoulder, ankle and anywhere else you can imagine. These aren't small delicate designs but elaborate kanji or mythical animals. The best answer I've ever gotten when I've asked why someone did it was that it was "cool".

I see tattoos and I just don't get it. Especially those that are placed in an area that is always visible. Maybe its age or upbringing, but tattoos remind me of graffiti. You rarely see any that is better looking than a clean wall.

Piercings - I remember when just getting an ear pierced once was a big ordeal. But not anymore. Multiple studs in each ear, belly button, tongue, upper lip, lower lip, nose - the more the merrier! There seems to be an "arms race" to see who can have the most!

Less is always best in my humble opinion. Is this just extreme insecurity or overcompensation for some perceived imperfection? I really would like to know.

Implants (plastic surgery) - Before I get the angry emails and comments, I have no problem with surgery to correct an abnormality. Even a +/- adjustment to correct posture or to make finding clothes that fit much easier. I'm talking about the "double D" jobs that 18 year olds are getting these days. Before they have even fully matured, they are going under the knife. That's just nuts.

For several years, I worked for a company that was a licensee of Playboy. One of the jobs I had was selecting Playmate photographs for our products. I was amazed at how many women had destroyed their bodies to try and make themselves look "perfect". In fact, I purposely looked and selected as many natural looking ones as I could find and get away with using.

I hope someday this trend reverses. I would love to just see women without all the add-ons.

Can't Improve Greatness...

Mark Steyn has become my favorite writer. Only he can pen such lines as this:

"You can be a hippie-dippy hey-man-I-love-everybody-whatever-your-bag-is-cool backpacking Dutch stoner, and they'll blow you up with as much enthusiasm as if you were Dick Cheney."

Read some of his work:

Mark Steyn

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Where is the outrage?

So let me get this straight. America was attacked by suicidal maniacs who willingly flew airplanes full of innocent passengers into large buildings full of innocent people, killing 3,000 Americans. Their "brothers in arms" have walked into crowded markets full of their own people and set off explosions. They have gleefully cut off people's heads and broadcast these murders on the Internet. They create torture shops where they do all sorts of unspeakable atrocities to anyone who might not agree with their fanaticism. And America is the bad guy?

Dick Durbin, who unfortunately for the fine people of Illinois, is their Senator. If the rantings from Howard Dean and the rest of the nuts on the left wasn't bad enough, Dick shot over the line. Dick accuses our military of committing genocide, comparing their actions to Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot. I don't recall Hitler playing any Christina Aguilera music as he marched several million Jews off to the gas chamber. Actually, I don't recall the Germans supplying the Jews with three culturally sensitive meals, a holy book and prayer time every day either.

Now I could understand the outrage if we were playing country music or something by either of the Simpson chicks. That would be torture. But nothing that our military is doing at Gitmo is remotely similar to the genocide perpetrated by Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot.

We are at war with an enemy that does not care about life. Their own or anyone else. This is the most fanatical enemy we have faced in our great history. They don't respect the rules of war, nor do they fear God's judgment. In fact, in their twisted religious world, they are rewarded by their martyrdom, especially where "infidels" are included in the body count. You cannot reason or appease them! They understand force and power and will take advantage of every perceived weakness - like the spineless words and activities of the modern Democratic party.

Its time for the Democrats, and Dick, to take a chill pill. If you can't say anything nice about this great country, shut up! Please, for the sake of the children, SHUT UP!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mystery of Life #2...

So you own a retail store situated in a strip center. There are several stores next to you including a sub shop, a yogurt place, maybe even a wireless shop and a dry cleaner. Your shop may only have three or four parking spaces out front, but there is a parking lot full of spaces available to all just beyond the row at your front door. You want to be a good neighbor to your retail friends, so you don't place any reserved parking signs. Who needs them right? There are plenty of spaces. Why would anyone park in front of your store and go somewhere else?

Just as you complete that thought, a Lexus pulls up and out piles mom and kids. Expecting to finally have some customers you hurriedly hide your lunch under the counter. But wait, they aren't coming in. Instead they head to the sub shop for lunch.

Then, a SUV pulls up. A businessman jumps out. You hang up the phone and prepare to greet him. D'oh! He's there to pick up dry cleaning next door.

You have free time to contemplate: Mystery of life #2 - Why people insist on parking in front of stores that they aren't visiting?

Even though the parking lot is full of spaces, they prefer to take a spot in front of your store and then have the audacity to visit another retailer. The courteous thing would be to park somewhere else. After all, the actual walking distance is probably less anyway.

Mystery of Life #2a - Why do people insist on arriving at a store at closing time?

You work in retail sales. You've been at the store for 11 hours and have seen only one person, the postman, all day. Its closing time and you're shutting down, eager to see the family. You will spend the next 30 minutes driving home, but its worth it just to get the heck out of the store.

Its 1 minute to closing and you are gathering your belongings only to see a family walk in. Now if these were serious shoppers, people who were ready to purchase that night, you would gladly stay all night. After all, you are a professional and this is your business. But no. These people just finished dinner and a movie. They could have come in at 6 or 7 and you would have gladly helped them even if they weren't ready to buy just yet. But its now 30 minutes after closing and these people clearly are not serious, but simply wasting time - your time.

Both of these examples are played out every day in retailers everywhere. Next time you are out shopping, take a moment to show a little respect to those hard working individuals who are managers and sales associates in retail. They are people too.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sore Losers...

This is the most pathetic thing I've seen in a while. There is a website that has compiled hundreds of photos of disgruntled liberals holding up signs apologizing to the world for the reelection of George Bush. They have also published a book - I can't imagine why anyone would spend money on such nonsense, but then again being a liberal and having common sense does not usually go together.

A more accurate title would be - unfortunately that is already owned by an apparel company.

First off, let me say many years ago I was one of those people who thought Democrats could do no wrong. I grew up in a yellow-dog democratic household. As I matured, I quickly realized that I supported more Conservative issues than I thought. I believed in having a strong military and very little government involvement in my life.

The final straw for me was the nomination of Bill Clinton. I met him while at a college competition in Little Rock. He spoke at the convention that was held in conjunction with the competition. He represented the worst of all in a politician - willing to say whatever and do whatever to get my vote - and had a complete absence of core beliefs. Even as a young Democrat, I was instantly turned off. And then the Democrats nominated him for the highest office. That was the beginning of the end. I could never continue supporting a party who would elect AND defend such a scoundrel. Not to mention the Democratic Party's complete absence of any ideas or core values.

I've traveled abroad and seen many great places, but there is no country on this planet I would rather call home. By the rate of immigration, both legal and illegal, it seems the world agrees.

I'm not going to sit around and pander to the rest of the world. They know that without the US, most would still be living under fascist or communist dictatorships. They might have found themselves losing the right to even express their opinions, if not for the US standing up to Islamic fascists terrorizing the planet today. When you are the biggest dog on the block, there will always be some who will be jealous.

I thought at the very least, the true liberals would embrace the idea of giving people who have suffered under totalitarian rule for hundreds of years the chance at freedom and self-determination would be something they could support. And a few have. But far too many operate under the same playbook - the US and the US Military is inherently evil. Therefore they hope for any setback and gloat every time a soldier is killed or wounded. That is just sick.

So just in case the world missed it, I'm glad George Bush was elected President! I am happy to say he got my vote. It was definitely time we got an honorable leader who believes in people, believes in freedom, and most importantly believes in God. The fact the he respects the White House and doesn't turn it into his own private brothel is an added bonus.

But for those crybabies who can't quite come to grips with the fact that MORE than half of the country actually has a brain and can use it, there is always France.

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

It has been almost 30 years since I saw the very first Star Wars movie as a youngster. I was thrilled by the story and the special effects and eagerly awaited each of the sequels. And now I can go to my reward in peace. I have seen all six and feel that the circle is complete.

I'm not going to give away any secrets (not that the whole world doesn't know the plot anyway by now). Overall, I liked the movie. I learned along time ago to go in to movies like this with very low expectations. That way I am never disappointed and usually enjoy the experience.

What I liked about the movie - No annoying child actors (Anakin as a boy), Jar Jar or Ewok creatures. Fast pace kept the action coming, sometimes a bit too fast. And of course the special effects and set designs are always great!

What I didn't like - Padme's death - I knew it was coming, but I hated to see Natalie Portman go. Dreadful dialogue - but that's nothing new. If you weren't up to date with your online Stars Wars reading, you may have been lost in all the various things happening around the galaxy - I obviously was not caught up. Anakin's seduction to the dark side seemed far too easy. And the fact that the wisest Jedis in the galaxy (endowed with the power of the Force no less) couldn't figure it out seems a bit of a stretch. But hey, you must suspend disbelief, right?

I know a lot of writers are trying to find some liberal/conservative angle in the plot, but I'm not interested in pursuing that. I'm just glad its out. Now the big question. What will Lucas do next with this story?

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

And now something from Iraq...

If you are sick and tired of the old liberal media's anti-military reporting on the war, check out this site:

This reporter has been in Iraq for a while and posts regular detailed updates of both the good, bad and the amazing. A very well-done first-hand blog revealing what is really happening in Iraq. This will make you proud of everything we are accomplishing in that freedom-starved part of the world.

Monday, May 23, 2005

French Military History...

This is an oldy that keeps getting better. Search on Yahoo "French Military History" and the first entry is this charming little site:

If you are a student of military history, or are simply amused at the lunacy that is modern-day French political/military rhetoric, this little site is for you.

Always good for a chuckle.

Mystery of Life #1...

Why in the wide, wide world of sports do Real Estate agents feel the need to publish their photos on their business cards and in ads?

I 'm sure this practice has a logical genesis somewhere back in time. And maybe for the more attractive or honest-looking agents there is a tangible benefit. But I can't for the life of me figure out why the entire industry embraces this practice, especially when so many of the photographs don't project, uh, the most favorable image possible.

I have had numerous business cards in my career and don't recall one having my photo, or even getting this option. And yes, there were a few sales positions along the way. Maybe I would have had greater success with my mug plastered there?

Unless you truly are a hottie, or the most handsome hunk in town, please earn my business through hard work and integrity. Send the mug shots to mom and dad.