Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour...

Ah yes, today is the day we are supposed to shut off our lights and imitate those 3rd world nations that lack basic necessities of life. It does not matter the stress we place on the electrical grid. It doesn't matter that we are blessed with ample resources to produce more than 100x the electricity that we actually need.

No, none of that matters. Because we care. We care so much we are willing to live like the Bushmen of the Kalahari, well, for at least an hour anyway. And what will this accomplish? Not a damn thing. But a few raving mad socialists will feel like they did something. Just like those wristbands and ribbons worn by the fashionable, symbolism feels so much better than actually doing something that matters.

And what really makes all this laughable is that it is suppose to raise awareness for "global warming" even though the climate has been cooling for over a decade. But, there are still idiots in Washington that believe little ol' mankind is capable of changing the climate on this massive planet. What arrogance you must have to believe that man can change the climate, and even worse, that he could reverse the process.

Ignore that giant yellow ball in the sky. Ignore gravity, the magnetic fields, geothermal changes in the earth's core, volcanoes, solar radiation, the other 96% of greenhouse gasses that exist naturally, instead let's single out mankind and blame him.

So in honor of this wonderful hour, I give you my song Earth Hour, sung to the tune of Earth Angel.

Earth Hour,
Earth Hour,
I will be blind!
My darling dear,
In darkness confined.
I'm just a fool,
A fool who's being screwed.

Earth Hour,
Earth Hour,
And Big Al Gore,
Love him forever
And evermore.
He's just a fool,
A fool without a clue.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Dumbest Editorial I Have Ever Read....

E.J. Dionne is your typical socialist. He's a Hawvawd man and his political views are somewhere between Valdimir Lenin and Kim Jong-il. In Investor's Business Daily today, he penned an editorial titled Brave Leaders Will Set Stage For Tax Hikes. If you feel the need to feel dumber, or angrier, by all means click on the link. Here is the first paragraph:

The debate on the budget is phony, the howling on deficits a charade. Few politicians want to acknowledge that if you really are concerned about long-term deficits, you have to support tax increases.

Notice, in EJs mind the only way to reduce the deficit is tax increases. No mention of cutting the budget. Not even a hint at lowering taxes to spur economic growth and of course create more tax revenue. All of America is cutting back and spending less, but in Washington that is never considered an option. Why is that?

Obama plans a budget that dwarfs anything in the history of the Republic so now we have to raise taxes to pay for it? Why not just cut the budget? Does ACORN really need billions? Do we need all these bailouts? Does government really need to waste more money on unproven alternative fuels? Shouldn't Congressional pay and benefits be aligned with private sector pay (minimum wage based on their performance lately)?

He then goes on to pine for leaders "brave" enough to raise taxes. Are your freakin' kidding me?

And finally, he applauds Obama's move to cut back the charitable giving tax benefit? Frankly, we need to increase it! Get churches and charities more contributions and I bet you see less need for welfare, public schools and government assistance. Its a novel thought to someone obsessed with turning the United States government into some sort of sick, cradle-to-grave nanny state.

EJ - There is nothing brave about raising taxes. The truly brave thing would be to stand your ground and refuse to spend one penny more than what you take in. Its called fiscal responsibility. Look into it.

And EJ, if taxes were lowered and more revenue came in (which always happens), you make sure you lower the tax rate, or return excess funds to the people. I’m not holding my breath with the current crop of clowns that any of this would ever even be considered. But that would definitely be the BRAVE and RIGHT thing to do.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When Will Government Have To Sacrifice?

I did not watch Obama's press conference. I find it much more interesting to read the transcript. This is a good way to look for substance and ignore the "style" or lack thereof.

Early in the PC, a reporter asked this question:

Thank you, Mr. President. Some have compared this financial crisis to a war, and in times of war past Presidents have called for some form of sacrifice. Some of your programs, whether for Main Street or Wall Street, have actually cushioned the blow for those that were irresponsible during this -- during this economic period of prosperity, or supposed prosperity that you were talking about. Why, given this new era of responsibility that you're asking for, why haven't you asked for something specific that the public should be sacrificing to participate in this economic recovery?

Obama's response meandered all over the page. Truly, as I read his non answer to the question, I heard the principal from Billy Madison in my head:

Mr. Madison, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Americans are sacrificing daily. People are losing jobs and watching their savings evaporate. We are seeing the greatest power grab in the history of America by a President and political party that do not believe in liberty. We watch in horror as they are sacrificing the wealth of future generations on bailouts and social experiments.

Where are the "tough budgetary decisions" that Obama talks about when his is the largest budget EVER? What are the benefits of "investments" in health care, energy and education when government has proven they can do NONE of these things any better than the private sector, and certainly not any cheaper.

Obama claims that he will "invest in those things that will allow the American people's capacity for ingenuity and innovation, their ability to take risks but make sure that those risks are grounded in good products and good services that they believe they can market to the rest of the country -- that those models of economic growth are what we're promoting. And that's what I think our budget does."

But raising taxes discourages risk and punishes those that will, or could be, innovators. The true inventors and risk takers do not need government handouts to be successful. They need government, yes, that means you Mr. President, out of their pockets and out of their freakin' way!

So I humbly ask this question. At what point does government sacrifice? When will we see Congress cut their staff or lower their pay and benefits? When will we see the White House cut staff or reduce budgets or eliminate wasteful programs? When will we see worthless Federal bureaucracies like education shut down and that money be turned over to the children in the form of vouchers so they can get out of failing government-run indoctrination centers?

Mr President, when will government have to sacrifice something, anything? Because all I see is a bloated, pathetic government that never stops growing and continually makes life more miserable for everyone. Is that hope? Is that change?

Friday, March 20, 2009

I'll Call Him Hank...

I have a friend I will call Hank. Hank is one of my best customers. He has bought from me on numerous occasions and referred business to me as well. He stops by sometimes just to chat when we both have free time. Today, was such a day.

Hank is in his early 60s. And on this visit we were discussing current events and politics. In the middle of our discussion he mentioned something that shocked me.

"I have been trying for over 20 years to become a US Citizen," he said with tears in his eyes.

Now honestly, I did not even know he was not a citizen. He is a citizen of a major European nation, lived in the Middle East and later in Mexico. He has been in this country over 20 years as a legal resident. He has raised three children, started businesses, paid his bills and never once been in trouble with the law. In fact, he is the type of immigrant that you want as a citizen.

He has hired lawyers and fought the battle, but each time some government bureaucrat loses the paperwork or comes up with some other delay. Its enough to make most people cry.

This is a man that truly loves this country. The freedoms and opportunity are what led him to leave behind family and make his way to America - legally I might add once again.

The next time you hear some activist in Washington demand amnesty for ILLEGAL aliens, remember Hank and people like him. These people deserve to be Americans and have more than earned that right. If a good man like Hank has to wait 20 years, someone here illegally needs to wait at least 50 years IMHO.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

If You Take The King's Coin...

Remember the saying: "If you take the king's coin, you must do the king's bidding." Consider those words as I examine the whole AIG debacle.

The manufactured brouhaha over bonuses paid to AIG executives has become surreal. First, let me provide some background on the story. Chris Dodd, ranking banking member in the Senate and Senator Obama received the greatest amount of campaign dollars from AIG at over $100,000 each during this last election cycle. Will all the Dhimmirats that accepted massive AIG campaign donations return them? I doubt it.

Flash forward, the government decides to provide bailout funds for AIG whose failure would be "catastrophic." Dodd at the request of Obama includes language allowing AIG to pay bonuses even after receiving TARP funds from the government. Now everyone is feigning ignorance and anger over bonuses that were legally promised to employees! Dodd even had the gall at first to claim that he did not know who added the language. Obama pleaded ignorance even though he signed the damn bill! Who really is in charge here!

Maybe these executives earned these bonuses? Why is the government getting involved and telling business what they can or cannot pay their employees? That is a very dangerous precedent.

In the latest hypocrisy, the House is voting on taxing the bonuses at 90%! Good time Charlie Rangel, a tax cheat himself and ranking Dhimmirat House banking committee member, had these words of wisdom:

"We figured that the local and state governments would take care of the other 10 percent."

Excuse me? Our government is now in the business of punitive, after the fact taxation?

I truly wish we had not spent one penny of taxpayer money on failing companies. That is NOT the role of government. But now that we have, it is not the government's role to micromanage business. But that is their goal. They lure you into believing they have your best interests in mind, but instead they want to destroy private industry and control every aspect of your life. If they can retroactively tax someone at 90%, what is to stop them from doing that to you and me.

Please take this to heart. In 2010 and 2012, cast your vote for Conservatives who believe in limited government and freedom. Our country deserves better than these clowns destroying this great nation. For

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Obama's Teleprompter?

Well, I guess it had to happen. Obama's teleprompter, the brains behind the empty suit, now has his own blog.

I guess now we can get answers straight from the TOTUS.

Friday, March 06, 2009

A Rant So Good I had To Post It Here...

I am not an ivy-league educated know-it-all, but I have been in the business world for over 20 years. I may not be an expert in economics, but I have lived history, which is a pretty good road map to the future. I've never seen government spending spur any real economic growth. Tax cuts have always produced economic activity under JFK, Reagan, Bush and just about everywhere its been tried.

You only have to look at what Japan did in the 90s to see that spending money THAT YOU DON'T HAVE on infrastructure does not spur REAL economic activity.

And quite frankly, where is the moral outrage that government is taking money from YOU and giving it to someone else? This is exactly what our founding fathers warned us about. When you allow voters to vote themselves money from the treasury, the country is doomed. Atlas hasn't just shrugged, he's saying screw it, I'm out of here. By the end of Obama's play time in Washington, there will not be any "rich folks" left to tax!

I may be "sophomoric" in my understanding, but I see Democrats, and some Republicans, taking OUR money, that they have yet to confiscate BTW, to give to failing companies, pet projects/causes and to bail out mortgages that were only made under government threats to those that had no business getting them in the first place. And you want me to embrace this!

Again I ask the question. In tough economic times, I have to cut back and spend wisely. When has government ever reigned in THEIR spending?

You have Democrats actively and openly discussing nationalizing banks, carbon taxes and taking over health care. Are we living in Venezuela now? My gosh take off those liberal rose-colored glasses and look at what is happening in Washington today and over the last 100 years of Democrat control. You are seeing the systematic destruction of the US from within before your very eyes. Kruschev would be so proud. Cloward-Piven is working like a charm.

I wonder what is being taught in universities these days when people are defending these types of activities in Washington. But then again, I drank the Kool Aid a few years before I started using my brain.

Maybe when that first Obama tax increase hits your wallet you might change your mind. What's that you say, you don't earn over $250,000 a year? Well guess what, even if you don't make that much your employer, grocer, florist, power company, service station owner, doctor, lawyer all do and they will pass that baby right along to you. You can bet that even if you currently don't pay a dime in taxes, your dollar will not buy as much.

Democrats have been screwing with banking since GSEs were created in 1916. Every banking "crisis" we have had has been very much related to excessive government meddling and "regulating." Do you trust a bunch of ivy-league educated braniacs who have never run a business to understand banking? I sure don't. These guys have never run a business much less a bank.

The nearest Barney Frank has been to meeting a payroll is the male prostitution ring that was run from his apartment. The only experience Christopher Dodd has with banking is getting sweetheart deals from Countrywide and massive campaign donations from Fannie Mae.

Obama was a community organizer and part-time professor before his 150 days as a Senator, Hillary an attorney and First Lady. Half the cabinet and many key lawmakers writing tax code can't even pay their own freakin' taxes. You expect free market solutions from this bunch?

I'm not angry, I'm passionate. I love this country too much to see it destroyed by a bunch of folks unfit for even the most menial tasks at the local fast food establishment of choice.

But I guess if I were more "sophisticated" I would understand the complexities and nuances of economic policy...