Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Am Sarah Palin!

This is a wonderful article that hits the nail on the head in so many ways.

I am Sarah Palin

Sure they admired Palin for her positions and record. But there was also a feeling that she was a different type of politician in the sense that she appeared to be natural, not artificial or forced, an impression strengthened by the evidence gathered from the recent email frenzy which seems to suggest that what you get from Palin is exactly what it says on the tin.

Like the author suggests, I take the attacks and insults of Palin personally. I see a woman of honor and integrity in Sarah Palin. She sees the problem of dependence on overseas oil suppliers and the solution is simple - drill here, drill now! No special interests to coddle. No focus group tested slogans. It is a simple solution that most Americans would heartily agree with if given a choice. Killing our domestic energy sector, or betting taxpayer dollars on windmills and solar panels, is silly if not criminal.

When it came to Obamacare, we all knew what it was - socialized health care and a disaster in the making. For anyone who loves freedom, the mere thought of government having the power over your health is unacceptable. Few national pundits and politicians came forward fighting for our freedom. But there was Palin fighting for us, and with two simple words "death panels," nearly knocked the wind out Obama's sails. She said what many of us were thinking and with a voice that shook the halls of Congress. The problems we have with health care are directly related to government involvement. If you are trying to reduce costs and provide more access to quality health care, the solution is definitely NOT more government.

I could go on. There are so many problems we face as a nation and most are directly related to a government that is out of control and fighting against the will of the people and our liberty. The solutions are actually quite simple. Shrink government, reduce regulation and taxes and watch the economy grow. All we need is freedom to restore the greatness of our nation. All we need is a LEADER that is not owned by the establishment or special interests. All we need is Sarah Palin.

I am Sarah Palin!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

PETA Versus Al Gore Down Under

If the disciples of Al Gore's climate church squared off against the Australian versions of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals...I mean People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) or the Humane Society, who would win? Better yet, who would YOU root for?

It seems that the global warming Nazis down under have cooked up a swell scheme to kill all the camels. Not the cigarettes, but actual camels roaming the outback. Now I hear camel meat is tasty - I've never tried it. But the primary stated purpose is to reduce the global warming gases, Methane and C02, that the camels produce during the course of digesting plants.
Australian camels could be shot to curb methane

Now, its been a few years since I studied biology and earth science, but I vaguely recall that decaying plants release...wait for it, Methane and C02. So if the camels are not eating the vegetation, would it not simply die and release the same amount of gas? Or, some other creature would begin to thrive now that the camels were not eating all the tasty green stuff, right? And then of course we would have those same gasses being produced by whatever animal took the camel's place in the food chain.

Camels are not indigenous to Australia. And there may be good reasons to reduce or remove the population down under. But the global warming hoax is not one of them. If the camels are causing harm to other native plants or animals, I can understand the need to reduce or remove their population. That seems like a sound policy. Although liberals sure went bat crazy when Alaska and Governor Palin were doing the exact same thing for much sounder reasons in Alaska. But liberal double standards are quite expected these days.

One final thought for you to consider. If the global warming zealots are willing to murder helpless camels in the outback to "save the planet," why stop there? I mean, humans release methane and C02 too. Will they put a bounty, give global warming carbon credits, or even Al Gore bucks for assassinating Conservatives, Christians, or God forbid, global warming deniers?

Friday, June 03, 2011

The Global Warming Mitt

I have mentioned on various forums that Mitt Romney would stand a better chance running as a Democrat. Today, he made that point to a "packed house" in New Hampshire all the more true.

"I believe the world is getting warmer, and I believe that humans have contributed to that." - Mitt Romney. "The world is getting warmer": Romney

First off, global warming SHOULD NOT be a religion. What Mitt BELIEVES is irrelevant. Facts matter. If the earth is truly getting warmer, it is not, there is absolutely no proof that mankind has anything to do with it. In fact, even if man wanted to change the global climate, how could he?

The sun plays the biggest role in the earth's climate. And if you buy into the illogical view that CO2 is evil, by far, the largest CO2 emitters are the oceans, which make up 75% of the planet surface. Man, who only lives in any appreciable density on less than 10% of the earth surface - and even less from a volume standpoint, has virtually no influence on GLOBAL climate.

Even IF man was responsible for climate change, the solutions pushed by the global warming Nazis would do nothing except further destroy the economy. We cannot run a modern economy on windmills, solar panels, hope and change. You need power - oil, coal, gas and nuclear to drive the economic engine. As we have seen throughout Europe, and very much so in Spain, a "green" economy equals a stagnant, if not dying economy. Can the US economy get any worse - Yes It Can!

Romney has already made the bold move to cling to his health care debacle in Massachusetts (RomneyCare), which as luck would have it, was the model used for Obamacare - the worst legislation ever to come out of Washington.

I feel bad for the guy. He has campaigned so hard for so many election cycles, and is the darling of the GOP bigwigs. But his campaign for Conservatives was going nowhere before. And now with this foolish position on "global warming" established, his campaign for the GOP nomination is DOA.

I'm still thinking he has a chance as a Democrat though.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

I Can't Believe The News Today...

...Oh, I can't close my eyes and make it go away!

Close your eyes and think for a moment. If you had to select the top 5 worst people of all time, who would it be?

Adolf Hitler, who started WW2 and slaughtered millions, would probably be up there. Josef Stalin is a prime candidate that starved millions of Ukrainians and sentenced untold millions to death in purges and slave labor camps. Muhammad slaughtered and raped his way across Arabia and started a religion that for 1400 years has murdered, enslaved and raped its way from North Africa to India. He is certainly worthy of consideration.

Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot, Chairman Mao - and quite honestly every murderous socialist thug leader that has ever walked the planet deserves a mention.

Well, no worries, a Middle School in Russellville, Arkansas has already done the hard work for you. They even
published the list in their yearbook for everyone to see. Their list includes: 1. Adolf Hitler, 2. Osama Bin Laden, 3. Charles Manson and wait for it....

4. George Bush and 5. Dick Cheney.

Yep, that's right. Your tax dollars at work. If the young heads full of mush came up with this list on their own, we have a serious education crisis on our hand. Which of course we have known for some time. Its way past time to take the public out of education. They are destroying young minds and poisoning future generations with their propaganda. The indoctrination must stop. And remember, this is not New York, Chicago, San Francisco or DC where you might expect this insanity. This is right in the middle of America. Which really begs the question, what are your children being taught?

On the lighter side of the news...

From 2009-January of 2011, President Obama enjoyed 70 days of foreign travel, 176 days on domestic "trips," 35 day s at Camp Davis and 61 days on vacation. On top of that, he played 57 rounds of golf (which the MSM calls "mini-vacations"), which took up approximately half of a day each and therefore constitutes almost another month of vacation time. Add them together and President Obama enjoyed 371 days away from his job in Washington.
Shocker: Obama Spent Majority of First Two Years in Office Outside of Washington, 3 Months on Vacation

Honestly, I would like President Obama to enjoy a long and happy life away from Washington. In 2012, I expect to see this come to fruition.

Obama's War...

What exactly are we doing in Libya? Is the goal to remove Daffy or not? Do we know exactly who these rebels are? Because frankly, I'm not liking what is happening in Egypt and Yemen. The Arab Spring seems more like a very long winter of discontent for Christians, women, homosexuals, children or anyone expecting freedom in these countries.
Morning Bell: Time For Thoughtful Moves in Libya

Holiday Road...

Not since Chevy Chase took his family across country to Wally World has one family vacation created such a ruckus. Its amusing that the "irrelevant" and "unelectable" Sarah Palin has virtually every news organization working overtime to follow their family vacation.
Sarah Palin’s “One Nation Tour”

God Bless Sarah Palin. And God Bless America.