Friday, March 31, 2006

Parenting 101...

I'm sure you heard about the zombie party murders in Seattle. This was a tragic crime where some nutcase shows up armed to the teeth and starts shooting people for no apparent reason before taking his own life. Six people were killed and two wounded. Among the dead was a 14-year old girl.

As horribly tragic as this was, what really struck me was this one line in the Seattle paper:

"(The Parents) said they allowed their 14-year-old daughter, to go to raves as long she came home by her 3 a.m. curfew. "

The shooting started at 7 a.m.! Its bad enough that it is 4 hours past curfew and your daughter is not home. But what amazes me is who would ever allow a 14-year old to be at a rave where drugs, alcohol and older predatory boys might be present? And who would give a 14-year old girl a 3 a.m. curfew in the first place!? I think my curfew was dark until about16!

I can't imagine the pain that the family is experiencing. But this is a tragedy that should have never happened.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hard Times For Lefist Media Types...

Low ratings and declining circulation. You can blame it on the Internet, talk radio or the proliferation of cable networks, but I believe Americans are just plain sick and tired of hearing Demi-rat talking points delivered as news. Most of us love this country and support are leaders and military. Maybe some of these guys will figure it out before they all go out of business.

'Washington Post' To Cut 80 Newsroom Jobs, Sources Say - 03/10/2006
Gannett January ad revenue slips - 02/15/2006
E.W. Scripps Reports 4Q Loss of $603,000 - 02/02/2006
Knight Ridder profit declines 22% - 01/31/2006
TIMES BOMBS ("paper of record" 2001-04 daily circulation off 19%) - 01/11/2006
TIMES' 4Q PROFIT OFF (attributes costs of 500 job cuts) - 12/22/2005
Gannett Nov. Revenue Drops 2.1% (Other MSM sinking, too) - 12/08/2005
L.A. Times Drags on Tribune Revenue (200 *more* layoffs expected) - 12/02/2005
Newspaper circulation down. Sanfrancisco Chronicle down 17% - 11/08/2005
Newspaper Circulation Continues to Decline (NY Daily News DOWN 1.5% - May 2005) - 10/24/2005
Bored readers cutting off Globe’s circulation - 10/20/2005
Time Inc. Gets A U.S. Subpoena About Circulation - 09/24/2005
Denver papers use liberal rules to boost circulation - 08/08/2005
Advertisers Sue 'Minneapolis Star Tribune' Over Circulation Inflation - 06/29/2005
Arrests made in Newsday circulation scandal - 06/16/2005
Los Angeles Times Reports March Circulation (Down, down, down) - 05/02/2005
Belo Begins Refunding Advertisers Over Inflated Circulation Figures (Texas) - 05/02/2005
Why Can’t the Washington Post Keep Circulation Up? - 07/23/2004
Newsday, Hoy publishers retire amid circulation scandal - 07/19/04
Publishers Seek Scapegoats for Circulation Woes - 07/05/2004
Tribune Company (LA Times parent) Admits Inflated Circulation Numbers At Two Papers - 06/23/2004

Monday, March 20, 2006

Paging General Robert E Muhammed...

And something new from the Demi-rats.

It seems the faxes went out from Demi-rat headquarters to all their leftist media allies: "As we reach the 3rd anniversary of the Iraq invasion, let's claim that there is a civil war brewing. Let's forget the fact that the Kurdish region is prospering and peaceful, along with large parts of the country. And ignore the fact that both Iran and Syria have a vested interest in not having a stable, democractic neighbor next door. Or that radical Islamic nuts are trying their best to destroy freedom for the Iraqi people."

You don't need to read the articles. They are all boilerplate Demi-rat talking points. Simply look at the headlines:

Civil war fears grip Iraq on 3rd anniversary - Reuters via Yahoo

Iraq risks civil war three years after invasion - AFP via Yahoo

Myriad factors are moving Iraq toward civil war - Dallas Morning News via Contra Costa Times

Allawi Says Iraq in Middle of Civil War - AP via Yahoo

Debate rages on civil war in Iraq - Fort Wayne Journal

Is Iraq In Civil War? - CBS News - The noted beacon of truth and integrity in news [/sarcasm]

No wonder ratings and readership continues to plummet at all the old media outlets.

Do what the media is suppose to do investigate and report.

We all get it. You hate Bush and desire him to fail in whatever he does. The sad part is if we ultimately fail (which will not happen under present and similar conservative leadership), it would mean the end of a free media. That is the irony for me. If the left had their way they would submit to the Islamic facists and lose the very rights they claim they cherish. Their hatred of Bush blinds them to the ultimate cost of us NOT winning the WOT.

With all the negative news the old media always reports, it must be really depressing being a liberal. No wonder they are so angry.

The Internet Age...

I post this without comment:

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Religion of Peace?

It seems in our nation building in Afghanistan someone forgot to mention one of the most important of our freedoms, religion.

An Afghan is facing the death penalty for of all things - converting to Christianity. It appears that the ROP doesn't have the confidence to debate the merits of its religion. Instead through fear and intimidation they force people to miss out on the freedom found in Christ.

If you believe that your religion is indeed the truth, you shouldn't be afraid of anyone questioning or challenging those beliefs.

You can read Abdul Rahman's sad story here:

A prayer for his release and safety would be very helpful and appreciated.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mystery of Life #4

Mystery of life #4 is something that has puzzled me for most of my adult life. For a few years I had forgotten about it. But being single again, I am confronted by it as I interact in the "singles scene".

Whenever I would go out it seems I only meet women who are in their early 20s or in their 40s. It is very rare to meet any women from about 25 to 35. Where do they all go?

Don't get me wrong. 21 year old women are gorgeous. But generally they want to introduce you to their mother. Which can be pretty tough on ones' self-confidence.

Of course the answer is pretty easy. They are involved in their careers, dating, getting married, having/raising kids etc. They then emerge back on the scene divorced 40ish single moms who hate men - I'm kidding of course.