Monday, October 10, 2016

Don't Like Trump? Blame The DNC And Their Partners In The Media

Democrats and the state run media have NO business complaining about Trump's behavior now, or in the past. Why? Because they are largely responsible for his nomination. Observe.

It has been estimated that between 10-12 million Democrats (38%) voted in the Republican primary, generally in open primaries and in the early months, when they could most influence the outcome in Trump's favor. Some were certainly voting FOR him, unwilling to support the despicable Comrade Clinton. Others had a more nefarious motive - to prevent any of the truly Conservative Republican candidates from getting the nomination. There were at least four candidates who would have presented a stark contrast, and a clear Conservative alternative, to the Alinsky-trained, anti-American Marxist in her ill-fitting Chairman Mao pantsuits.

The state run media was also complicit. As the NY Times reported in March 2016, Trump benefited from nearly $2 BILLION in free media. This was more than ALL Republican candidates combined to that point in the race, and about equal to Sanders and Clinton's combined numbers. The numbers only increased as candidates dropped out of the race, likely topping $3 Billion by the end of the GOP primary. You can attribute some of this to Trump's ability to drive the narrative. However, if the media TRULY did not want Trump as the nominee, it would not have been so OBVIOUSLY in his corner.

Consider the way Ted Cruz was treated by the media after Iowa. Cruz made the correct, and principled stand on ethanol subsidies and won big. But somehow, the media turned it into a strong showing for Marco Rubio. And then later, a victory stolen from Carson's floundering campaign, an issue Trump championed to cover his own poor showing in the state. The media continued to downplay any success that threatened their choice throughout the GOP primary. They were ALL IN for Trump. 

The Clinton campaign had assumed all along that Trump was the weakest of the bunch and encouraged their friends in the media, and their minions in the field, to help Trump secure the nomination. Once nominated, it was time to prop up their deadbeat candidate, and tear down Trump. There is some truth to the assumption of weakness. He is by no means a principled Conservative. Any reasonable Conservative candidate would make Clinton look silly on the campaign trail, especially when it came to contrasting the Conservative vision of Liberty, with the radical left's nightmare of tyranny. 

However, Trump does possess some intangibles that Conservative candidates generally do not. He has a fearlessness in the face of the state run media monopoly. The average GOP politician wilts under the pressure of lights and cameras, forgetting any sliver of Conservatism that might have at one time inspired them to run for higher office. Trump enters debates knowing that not only is he facing the dim-witted Clinton, but also hostile moderators, dirty tricks by the crew, and a left-leaning army in entertainment and social media to continue the onslaught.

The Clinton campaign had hoped to paint Conservatism as extreme, and Trump as the GOP nominee, as too dangerous for America. The reality is that most Americans are rejecting the extremism of the left, and establishment politics in general. And unfortunately for Clinton, she is the poster child for pandering establishment politicians. Her whole life has revolved around obtaining power and robbing the treasury. If she actually believed her ridiculous campaign rhetoric, she couldn't vote for herself!

It is amazing that such an utterly pathetic candidate is the very best the DNC could muster. She is SO BAD, they had to orchestrate a takeover of the GOP primary to find SOMEONE Hillary might beat. That is truly comical.

EVERYONE knows Trump is no angel. So this latest faux outrage is laughable. 

If you are upset by some salty language spoken 11 years ago, SURELY you would DEMAND that Clinton drop out of the race for enabling and covering for Bill Clinton's nearly 50 year reign of terror as a sexual predator. How many more women have to physically and emotionally suffer at the hands of these two? 

Do you REALLY want Bill prowling around the White House again as FROTUS - First Rapist of the United States? 

Do you really want a woman who was willing to intimidate and shame his victims into silence to have the power of the presidency? This same woman, in Stalin-like fashion, obtained nearly 1,000 FBI files of her political enemies and kept files of anyone she perceived to be a threat. Both the Clintons and the party have used the IRS, the media, and the courts as weapons to harass, jail, and bankrupt people who oppose them. Is that the kind of leader you desire in the White House for the next 4 years?

America can and will do much better than that.

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