Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cook Organic Not The Planet

I took a few minutes to watch the People's Global Warming March today. Held in New York, it attracted thousands of folks who were demanding... Well, I'm not really sure what they wanted since it varied so much in the time I paid attention. Here are a few highlights.

Koch Brothers Are Evil
I would bet the majority of Americans don't know anything about the Koch brothers. They have the audacity to support organizations that have a stated goal of "advancing liberty and freedom." The Left, seeing the success the Right had at pointing out billionaire George Soros' activities, who has funded many groups that work towards undermining American freedom, decided they needed a nemesis. Since the majority of American billionaires are generally left-leaning, the Koch brothers were chosen as the face of capitalism. Now, at every event their name is cursed in speeches, and seen on nonsensical signs accusing them of all sorts of dastardly deeds. Saul Alinsky would be proud.

We Are The World
You see global warming is not just a local, regional, or even national problem. It is a global problem that requires a global solution. That is why groups from all over the world - The Philippines, South Africa, Australia, Dominican Republic all converged on New York. Presumably, they all took carbon neutral flights.

Who Needs Borders
Not sure how this helps cool the planet, but one of the many recommendations from the marchers was that we should live in a world without borders. The activists should go visit the Texas/Mexico border. Seriously, pitch a tent on either side of the Rio Grande for a few weeks and see how well it goes.

Fracking Is Evil, Solar And Wind Are Better 
Besides causing thousands of bird deaths every year, being a visual blight on the landscape, and being the least efficient ways to generate electricity, the "in" crowd still pushes these ridiculous energy fantasies that only survive with massive taxpayer-funded subsidies. Where fracking is allowed, economies are growing and jobs are being created. Oil & gas are still the most efficient ways to move people and products. And don't forget, oil as a raw material is in virtually every consumer product. The activist who was pushing this was from California. Try taking a solar car from California to a global warming march in New York. You might not make it out of California.

SIGN SPOTTED: Miami Is Drowning
Evacuate South Florida! My gosh you would think if the entire city of Miami was under water that the news media would be doing 24/7 coverage of such a major disaster. Miami is only 6 feet above sea level, so even a moderate hurricane could cause flooding. That is true for most coastal cities near tropical regions. Just because major hurricanes are on an historic "pause", is no reason to ignore the potential harm a major hurricane could do in the case of a direct hit. Its a serious issue that has nothing to do with global warming. Simple fact of life, if you choose to live near the ocean in hurricane country, there is a good chance you will experience rain, winds, flooding, and possibly loss of property and life. If you want 100% protection from hurricanes, move.

The myth that melting polar ice (they are expanding not melting) raises sea level can easily be debunked at home. Get a clear glass, place ice in glass, fill with water to a measurable point, and note level. When the ice melts, note the level again. Its so easy a failed presidential candidate should be able to figure it out.

SIGN SPOTTED: Climate Change Our Greatest Threat
Tell that to the Christians and Yazidis of Northern Iraq. Or to the folks in the twin towers on 9/11, or on the ground in Benghazi. I think the folks in Ukraine and Eastern Europe might be more concerned with Russian aggression than another cool Summer. What about the folks in Africa fighting the outbreak of Ebola. Do you think they are worried about an imperceptible, and totally natural, sea level rise of a millimeter annually? And closer to home, how about coal miners who are facing loss of their jobs and financial ruin because of Washington's war on coal?

SIGN SPOTTED: Cook Organic Not The Planet
Cute rhyme, but a complete falsehood. The planet has not warmed in almost 20 years. Its inconvenient, but the truth. And there is little, if anything, that man can do to make it warmer or cooler if he tried. Cooking organic certainly wouldn't make a difference. And with the government shutting down family farms, organic co-ops, and clamping down on private gardening, it may be difficult to even find organic food.

$15 Minimum Wage And Public Ownership Of Corporations
 Is The Answer To Global Warming
To her credit, the activist who recommended this course of action admitted being a socialist. And even though we have oodles of evidence to the destructive nature of socialism on the human condition, there are still those that push this nonsense. One only has to look at anything the government owns or runs, to see what will happen - public housing, public transportation, public education, VA, you name it. Without incentive to prosper, nobody works hard. If we actually taught history in schools, we would not continually have to explain this to yet another generation.

Would you pay $10 for a Happy Meal? What about $15 for a sub sandwich? The idea that government can force employers to pay unreasonable wages for unskilled jobs without serious financial consequences for everyone, is a failure of our education system to teach basic economics. Sure, the young burger flipper gets another $8 an hour, but now he has to pay $7 a gallon for gas, his rent goes up 25% and his grocery bill goes up 30%. His smokes now cost him $25 - if the government hasn't banned them outright. In short order, he is back to where he started, if not out of work completely, since his burger joint is forced to close for lack of business. But hey, now the socialists are in charge.  They will fix it.

Its almost as ridiculous as someone believing higher wages, or government ownership of businesses, would change the climate.

Other Signs
Delay=Death, Act Now ...  Turn Towards Utopia ... Planet Over Profit ... USA Get Your Head Out Of The Tar Sand ... Without Hate

Other Highlights
"Consumerism must end."... Bernie Sanders may run for POTUS. ... Volunteers were paid as much as $50 to be there. ... Some students received extra credit for participating in march. ... "Elections must be publicly funded." ... "Stop Capitalism and push community solutions." ... "Global warming is a health crisis." ... "Preserve our Mother Earth." ... "If we don't have peace with nature, we won't have peace with the nations. Nuclear weapons have no place in our future." ... There was a moment of silence followed by screams that were a, "Burglar Alarm for those who have stolen the planet."

And of course the obligatory call to action - "We need collective action channeled into militant nonviolent action." (Because most militant movements are nonviolent.)

Social justice, sustainability, and climate justice, are all code words for redistribution of wealth, population control, and socialism. The antidote for poverty is not to make everyone equally destitute. The solution is freedom. Capitalism, the idea that people are free to buy, sell, save, and invest as they see fit, produced the most prosperous nation in the history of the planet in less than 200 years. America has the richest "poor" folks in the world. The spread of economic prosperity is only hindered by government interference, regulating or taxing businesses to the point of extinction. When government bureaucrats pick winners and losers, everyone loses.

The ideas behind those three code words have launched some of the most demonic pogroms in world history - eugenics, population control, and in the future, the grotesquely named Complete Lives System, which allows the state to ration health care, picking life's winners and losers.

The only way to achieve what these marchers ultimately want - their idea of a Utopia, is a massive and oppressive global state that micromanages every detail of your existence, and even life itself. Their mythical sustainable world would require a final solution to weed out the "undesirables" and thin the herd. Only then will Mother Nature be happy again.

Frankly, I prefer the way they did it on Logan's Run. Oddly, many of the protestors wore similar clothes to those seen in the film.