Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Where is the outrage?

So let me get this straight. America was attacked by suicidal maniacs who willingly flew airplanes full of innocent passengers into large buildings full of innocent people, killing 3,000 Americans. Their "brothers in arms" have walked into crowded markets full of their own people and set off explosions. They have gleefully cut off people's heads and broadcast these murders on the Internet. They create torture shops where they do all sorts of unspeakable atrocities to anyone who might not agree with their fanaticism. And America is the bad guy?

Dick Durbin, who unfortunately for the fine people of Illinois, is their Senator. If the rantings from Howard Dean and the rest of the nuts on the left wasn't bad enough, Dick shot over the line. Dick accuses our military of committing genocide, comparing their actions to Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot. I don't recall Hitler playing any Christina Aguilera music as he marched several million Jews off to the gas chamber. Actually, I don't recall the Germans supplying the Jews with three culturally sensitive meals, a holy book and prayer time every day either.

Now I could understand the outrage if we were playing country music or something by either of the Simpson chicks. That would be torture. But nothing that our military is doing at Gitmo is remotely similar to the genocide perpetrated by Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot.

We are at war with an enemy that does not care about life. Their own or anyone else. This is the most fanatical enemy we have faced in our great history. They don't respect the rules of war, nor do they fear God's judgment. In fact, in their twisted religious world, they are rewarded by their martyrdom, especially where "infidels" are included in the body count. You cannot reason or appease them! They understand force and power and will take advantage of every perceived weakness - like the spineless words and activities of the modern Democratic party.

Its time for the Democrats, and Dick, to take a chill pill. If you can't say anything nice about this great country, shut up! Please, for the sake of the children, SHUT UP!!!!!!!!

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  1. Great blog, and not only because I agree with what you say. The writing is a pleasure to read. I hope you update soon.