Sunday, December 07, 2008

December 7th - A Date Which Will Live In Infamy...

Today is the anniversary of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. Exactly 66 years ago and also a Sunday morning, hundreds of Japanese planes caught US forces unprepared for war. The attack resulted in the loss of over 2,000 military and civilian lives.

As America braces for the inauguration of Obama, its good to reflect back on what he has promised while campaigning. Obama has expressed a willingness, almost joy, at the prospects of sitting down with Iran and other terrorists and terrorist-sponsors. Even though history has proven time and again that appeasement will only embolden an enemy, Obama believes that the weight of his charisma will change the mindset of a people that fervently believes that all infidels deserve death. This mission has propelled their religion for over 1,000 years through conquest after conquest until finally they could not keep up technologically with the West.

But now with the benefit of oil wealth, we see their true nature and purpose emerge as they can now afford to fund the spread of their religion. And as in times past, they will use terror, or the threat of terror, as a means to accomplish their plans.

As we saw on 9/11 and just recently in India, this enemy needs to be taken seriously. It is not just a handful of lunatics. It is a movement that infects most of the Middle East. Not all muslims are terrorists, but it is painfully obvious that the vast majority of terrorists are motivated by this religion.

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