Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chicago - Roadmap to Obama's America?

I came across this little article that lists major employers in the Chicago area and it is shocking. Observe:

1 U.S. Government - 78,000
2 Chicago Public Schools - 43,910
3 City of Chicago - 35,570
4 Wal-Mart Stores Inc. - 23,453
5 Cook County - 22,142
6 State of Illinois - 18,124
7 Advocate Health Care - 15,660
8 University of Chicago - 14,287
9 Walgreen Co. - 14,254
10 UAL Corp. - 14,000
10 AT&T Inc. - 14,000

78,000 FEDERAL employees in Chicago! Almost 200,000 government employees just in the 5 in bold above. If we add in the hospitals and colleges in the top 25, which through government funding/control could be considered de facto government employers, those numbers nearly double. This is not a model that leads to prosperity. Government jobs are a net loss to the economy. And we are quickly reaching the point where there are not enough taxpayers to cover all these expenses, especially when almost 40% of the country pays nothing in taxes. And many of those actually are receiving handouts from the government.

If this is Obama's plan for America, I'm not interested.

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