Friday, February 27, 2009

Where Is Our Daniel?

Do you remember the story of Daniel from the Bible? He was a man that served at the highest levels in both the Babylonian and Medo-Persian empires. Everything he did honored God and he was blessed with wisdom far beyond his peers. He served multiple kings and each time received honor and was elevated above the other advisors.

This of course led to jealousy among the other princes who schemed to have Daniel removed. They knew Daniel was obedient to all the laws of the land and acted in perfect honesty in everything he did. If they were going to accuse him of something, it would have to be based on his religious practices.

The princes tricked the new king, Darius, into passing a law that forbid anyone from praying to anyone except Darius. Appealing to the vanity of Darius, the law was passed and promised a swift execution in the lions' den for anyone who disobeyed the new law.

Daniel knew the law, but more importantly, he knew HIS God. He opened the windows and prayed loudly, praising God as always. The princes saw this and ran to Darius with their evidence and accusations.

Immediately, Darius knew he had goofed and sought a way to overturn the silly law. The Blessing of God was on his empire BECAUSE of Daniel. There was nothing in Daniel's behavior or actions that deserved death. But the law had to be carried out.

Daniel obeyed all the laws, but he also obeyed a higher law. He would face the punishment because he was certain that the God he loved and served would act on his behalf. Based on the story, I believe Daniel's faith moved Darius because he made a very profound confession as Daniel was placed in the lions' den:

"May the God who you continually serve rescue you!"

Darius fasted all night and ran to the tomb the next morning to confirm that Daniel did worship the one true God. Of course you probably know the rest of the story. Daniel was alive and was pulled from the den. His accusers were then thrown to the lions who devoured them before they hit the ground.

When I think about this story I wonder where are our Daniels? Certainly there were men of great faith among our Founding Fathers. The evidence for this is all around us. But there seems to be a major lack of Godly wisdom and integrity in Washington these days. Its time we get more people filled with God's wisdom working in government.

Please join me in thanking God for changing Washington and putting his people in place. By faith, we remove the mountain of corruption and replace it with people of integrity who are filled with the wisdom of God! Amen!

If you would like to read more about Daniel, here is a link to stories, sermons and commentary on the Daniel in the lions' den story: Daniel in the Lions' Den

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