Thursday, August 20, 2009

Your "Stimulus" Dollars At Work...

Sometimes the irony of liberal-think is delicious. The Nashua Telegraph posted an article praising the way stimulus dollars have been spent (wasted) in New Hampshire. Here are a few highlights.

NH has received $336 million so far in "stimulus" stolen (or will be stolen eventually) from taxpayers and redistributed to others. The $336 DOES NOT include $200 million for Medicaid in NH, $160 million for "education aid" and $14 million for unemployment that gave folks an extra $25 a week!

The state has allocated $2 million for 15 months and hired a "Stimulus" Office Director (SOD) at $120,000 annually to track where the "stimulus" money is spent (wasted).

Through June, "Stimulus" dollars have "created or saved" 796 jobs with 700 of those being state workers who were not let go.

The SOD plans to have a website featuring a Google map with "...a push pin next to each community the public can click on to find a full listing of all stimulus grant dollars going to that city or town." Hallelujah!

At $3.5 million a pop, we got a bargain with those "new" 96 jobs. Of course funding for those "new" jobs is most likely temporary, meaning either the city or state will have to find the money after a year or so. Good luck with that.

Maybe you could make the case that some of these projects are worthwhile. But in the worst economy ever (thanks Obama and friends) every single dollar should be back in the hands of taxpayers and not be wasted like this.

If this is the way money is wasted in New Hampshire, I shudder to think what is happening in New York, Illinois and California. Yikes!

Now imagine if that $710 million would have just been given to taxpayers in NH. That's $575 for every resident. Probably three or four times that if you limit it to people who actually pay Federal taxes. What would have been the economic impact of that?

But then again, that doesn't allow you pay off your Democrat cronies and pals in unions and government jobs.

In the real world, if business is slow you cut costs, and when necessary, lay off workers. Why is this NEVER considered when it comes to government?

Here is the sad article. Notice the joy with which this data is reported.
Nashua ranks No. 4 when it comes to federal stimulus cash
The comments at the end of the story are priceless.

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