Thursday, November 05, 2009

How To Lose A War And Inspire Your Enemies...

The Obama administration has been dithering around with its plans for Afghanistan for almost an entire year. His hand-picked general has requested 40,000 more troops, but Obama is unsure. I can only imagine the outrage from Americans and the military if Roosevelt had strung Eisenhower along this way during WW2.

Our community organizer in chief, with all of 150 days in the Senate now thinks he knows more than the leadership of our professional military on how to win a war! But then again maybe he does not want to win...

Back on July 23rd on Nightline, he had this to say about Afghanistan:

"I'm always worried about using the word 'victory,' because, you know, it invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur," Obama told ABC News.

What are we now, France? What is the end game? Defeat? Surrender?

Most conflicts that end decisively, result in a lasting peace. See Germany, Japan, Mexican American, Spanish American wars etc etc. Its only the ones where we have negotiated/surrendered or did not finish what we started that have continued to fester - see North Korea and Afghanistan.

Now we find out that Obama is negotiating with the Taliban for shared leadership in Afghanistan. WTH? The Taliban (or as Obama likes to calls them, Tollybon) was/is one of the most brutally oppressive regimes in the modern era. They gave sanctuary to Al Queda and facilitated the training of 9-11 terrorists. The ongoing insurgency in Afghanistan is being orchestrated by many former Taliban leaders.

Here is what we offered:

"US negotiators had offered the Taliban leadership through Mullah Wakil Ahmed Mutawakkil (former Taliban foreign minister) that if they accept the presence of NATO troops in Afghanistan, they would be given the governorship of six provinces in the south and northeast," a senior Afghan Foreign Ministry official told requesting anonymity for not being authorized to talk about the sensitive issue with the media.

If you have paid any attention to the Middle east in the past 50 years, you know that any concession by the West towards radical islam is perceived as weakness. The Taliban has seen that the US and its allies are not serious about winning the war. They will now ramp up the insurgency costing even more lives because of his amateurish stunt. Example number 5000 of why liberals should never hold power, especially at this level.

If the Taliban ever agreed to such a plan, they would simply use the provinces as launching pads (possibly literally like Hezbollah and Hamas have done with rockets and mortars into Israel) to further destabilize Afghanistan.

America has spent far too much in blood and taxpayer money to walk away now. Its time for this administration to grow a pair, take the gloves off and defeat the forces of darkness that would plunge the now free Afghans back under the iron fist of the Taliban. Let the military fight the battle and don't play politics with American lives.

Obama may not like the term victory, but if he were a real American he would understand that is who we are. We finish what we start. We leave the place better than before we came. And most importantly, we WIN!

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