Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Message of Massachusetts...

Along with most Americans I was happy to see Scott Brown win in Massachusetts, but not that surprised. Even though this election was to replace Ted Kennedy, one of the most liberal Senators in my lifetime, and in one of the most liberal states in the union, this election was about course correction.

The Democrat party is not the party that my parents supported. The leadership is full of people who truly believe that government can do everything. And the bigger the government, the better they can do it. Individual Democrats worship Chairman Mao and other radical leftists from history. They crave power to implement all their socialist dreams on an unsuspecting population. And for years, Democrats could rely on union members, Democrats and others to support them no matter what.

Well, last night something changed all that. A Conservative candidate won in a very blue state. He may not be the perfect Conservative for everyone, but he is a far cry from Ted Kennedy when it comes to important issues like fiscal restraint or a government takeover of health care. Small steps, right?

With Obama's win in 2008, and the Democrat takeover of Congress two years earlier, the country has been on a downward spiral, made worse by reckless Obama policies. Unemployment at 10% (much higher (17%) if you count those that have given up), foolish spending and treating terrorists as common criminals are just a few of the problems created by the current leadership.

Voters have had enough. Its not really a Republican versus Democrat thing. It is a Progressive versus Conservative thing. America is a Conservative country and Americans recoil at the thought that government will run their health care or anything else. Hopefully a moderate Democrat party will emerge from this defeat, but somehow I doubt it. November should be a major course correction back to the center of the political spectrum where most Americans call home.

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