Thursday, January 06, 2011

No Labels?

Here is an interesting article from Big Government on the new group calling themselves the No Label movement. Here is an excerpt:

The “No Labels” approach is inherently contradictory. Simply by creating the group and giving it a name, it has been labeled. Now we have Republicans, Democrats, and No Labelers. While it claims to be inclusive, it seems to attract primarily those to the left of center, whether Democrats or Republicans. The thing is, they don’t consider themselves left of center; rather, they place themselves squarely at the center and conclude that anyone not of their ilk is a “wingnut.”

No labels, moderates, or whatever they call themselves, are fence sitters and prone to compromise (which always means agreeing with the left) in my opinion. Believe in something, take a stand and be passionate. If you don't know what to believe, study our founding history and ask yourself if modern America reflects the the dream of our Founding Fathers. There is a very good reason there is not a museum or any books that honor "Great Moderates in History."

I found it interesting that the writer listed Christian, American, Conservative and Republican as his personal labels. I totally agree with the first 3. I have hard time calling myself Republican though when so many so-called Republicans are DIABLOs - Democrat In All But Name Only. They destroy the Republican brand when they continue to vote for leftist causes.

At the very least, stand for freedom. Every new government regulation, tax, expansion and law is an infringement on liberty. People need to wake up to this fact and resist the rapid growth of government before its too late.

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