Monday, June 27, 2016

A Modest GOP Convention Proposal

Steve Deace had great idea. Writing in Conservative Review he suggested that Donald Trump agree to unbound the delegates and let them freely decide who will be the GOP nominee. It would be the chance of a lifetime for Donald Trump to show he truly understands how to make a deal, and prove he is not just some reality TV star.

Frankly, I think its a brilliant idea. Let Donald Trump make his case as to why he is the best candidate to lead the GOP directly to the delegates chosen by the Republican rank and file. If he wins a simple majority, my support changes from ambivalent to mildly enthusiastic. Right now, I am stuck with a choice between two New York progressives with almost identical beliefs, and the one I'm supposed to support was propped up by $2 billion of fawning mainstream media support and tons of Democrat voters in select primary states who absolutely do not support a Conservative vision for America.

The total amount of free media was astounding for the reality TV star, considering his total ($2 Billion) was almost equal to the entire field of both parties ($2.2 Billion). And he doubled the total for all the GOP candidates combined. Ted Cruz was a very distant second place at $313 million. You normally do not see that level of water carrying from the mainstream media for GOP candidates. But that is just one small aspect of the Trump Putsch. Consider the tone and timing of their coverage. When Cruz "unexpectedly" won in Iowa, the story was not his brave, principled stand on Ethanol, his strong ground game, or even his big victory over Trump and the establishment, it was how well Rubio performed by landing in 3rd freakin' place! ABC news breathlessly told us about Rubio, “Rarely has a third-place finish felt so much like a victory.”

And then it became the big lie that Cruz stole the election from poor little "wash day, nothing clean" Ben Carson. The fact that Carson contributed to the continuation of that nonsense has forever tainted my opinion of the doctor. In fact, the behavior of several folks in the GOP throughout this ordeal has been quite revealing. Then came the convenient hit pieces at just the right time to check any positive Cruz momentum. It was almost as if the state-run media WANTED Trump to be the GOP nominee. How odd is that?

Then we have the primaries. Democrats have been strategically manipulating GOP primaries for years. In Texas, the GOP almost doubled the number of primary voters in 2016. In 2012, there were 9 on the ballot, but it was effectively decided Romney was the anointed one. Only 1.4 million even bothered to vote. Compare that with the 2.8 million this year. Do you really think that huge increase was all GOP voters? Maybe this year was just a wee bit different than previous years with 14 folks on the ballot, 3 serious contenders, and others with no hope simply taking votes? In 2008, with 11 on the ballot, but effectively a two person race (Huckabee and McCain), so only 1.3 million votes were cast. Sanders had no chance in Texas, so Democrat voters were free to interfere with the 2016 GOP primary. In 2008, the DNC had 2.8 million voting in the primary. This year only 1.4 voted. Did they all stay home?

And remember this, MULTIPLE media outlets breathlessly told us Cruz was in trouble, and that Trump may win in Texas. After every vote was counted, Cruz won 43.75% of the total vote, beating Trump by almost 500,000 votes - (1,239,158 to 757,489). Even with the huge influx of primary voters, Trump managed a PALTRY 27% of the vote. Setting Cruz votes aside, more votes were cast for ANYONE other than Trump - (837,154). But the net result was that Trump and the GOP dwarves kept Cruz from getting over 50% and a dominating victory. This allowed the media to spin it as a setback for Cruz, and somehow a good showing by Rubio and Trump, rather than a harbinger of how weak Trump was in solid Conservative states.

And now for the obligatory music break.

Which brings us back to the proposal. If the delegates, those REPUBLICANS selected to pick our nominee, can with a clear conscience support Trump, all opposition within the party should be silenced, and we all work together to send the spawn of satan back to Hell, Arkansas, or even better prison. Assuming Trump has all this enthusiastic support within the GOP, he should win by a landslide in Cleveland. But please, let's not allow the media and DNC shenanigans pick yet another nominee for us.

BTW - I absolutely do not think this will ever happen.

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