Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sore Losers...

This is the most pathetic thing I've seen in a while. There is a website that has compiled hundreds of photos of disgruntled liberals holding up signs apologizing to the world for the reelection of George Bush. They have also published a book - I can't imagine why anyone would spend money on such nonsense, but then again being a liberal and having common sense does not usually go together.

A more accurate title would be - unfortunately that is already owned by an apparel company.

First off, let me say many years ago I was one of those people who thought Democrats could do no wrong. I grew up in a yellow-dog democratic household. As I matured, I quickly realized that I supported more Conservative issues than I thought. I believed in having a strong military and very little government involvement in my life.

The final straw for me was the nomination of Bill Clinton. I met him while at a college competition in Little Rock. He spoke at the convention that was held in conjunction with the competition. He represented the worst of all in a politician - willing to say whatever and do whatever to get my vote - and had a complete absence of core beliefs. Even as a young Democrat, I was instantly turned off. And then the Democrats nominated him for the highest office. That was the beginning of the end. I could never continue supporting a party who would elect AND defend such a scoundrel. Not to mention the Democratic Party's complete absence of any ideas or core values.

I've traveled abroad and seen many great places, but there is no country on this planet I would rather call home. By the rate of immigration, both legal and illegal, it seems the world agrees.

I'm not going to sit around and pander to the rest of the world. They know that without the US, most would still be living under fascist or communist dictatorships. They might have found themselves losing the right to even express their opinions, if not for the US standing up to Islamic fascists terrorizing the planet today. When you are the biggest dog on the block, there will always be some who will be jealous.

I thought at the very least, the true liberals would embrace the idea of giving people who have suffered under totalitarian rule for hundreds of years the chance at freedom and self-determination would be something they could support. And a few have. But far too many operate under the same playbook - the US and the US Military is inherently evil. Therefore they hope for any setback and gloat every time a soldier is killed or wounded. That is just sick.

So just in case the world missed it, I'm glad George Bush was elected President! I am happy to say he got my vote. It was definitely time we got an honorable leader who believes in people, believes in freedom, and most importantly believes in God. The fact the he respects the White House and doesn't turn it into his own private brothel is an added bonus.

But for those crybabies who can't quite come to grips with the fact that MORE than half of the country actually has a brain and can use it, there is always France.

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