Wednesday, April 05, 2006

An ode to spam...

Not the tasty meat-like stuff in a can, but the junk that fills up your inbox no matter how much protection you have in place. It would be one thing if they sent you some useful information on products that you might actually purchase. Instead I get stuff like this:

1. Prescription Drugs - Best Prices Online!!! - Is there anyone who has actually bought their prescription drugs from a spammer?

2. Hot Stock Tip - Yes, random spammers are who I trust to invest my hard-earned money.

3. Natural Penile/Breast Enlargement - I think my breasts are just fine - thank you very much!!

4. Mutual Business Arrangement - Some guy in the Middle East dies leaving millions pining away in some asian bank. Let me see, a guy from the Middle East with NO relatives!? No relatives in the land of multiple wives, children and massively large extended families!? And all I have to do is give you my personal information to make millions? I'm in!!



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I'm waiting for my PhD right now. Though you can start calling me Dr. Harrison right away!

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