Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bring the boys home?...

Imagine its December 1944. The Allied advance in Western Europe has stalled due to supply and logistic problems. Back in the US, the House of Representatives debates the merits of World War II. Representative Murtha, who is old enough to have served back then, demands an immediate withdrawal of all US military from Europe proclaiming that, "We can't win this war!"

In Berlin, the Germans are hard at work planning one final massive Winter offensive in the West. But when Adolf Hitler gets news of the pull out, he sees an opportunity. Instead of an immediate attack, he pulls his forces back to stronger defensive positions and delays the attack until after the US "redeployment".

Murtha and the "cut and run" Democrats have their way and the US pulls all of its forces out of Europe. 15 days later Hitler unleashes the German army in a massive operation that overwhelms and destroys the remaining English and Canadian forces in the West. The Allies sue for peace leaving Germany in control of all of Western Europe. They are now free to focus all their military might on the Soviet Union who they fight to a stalemate at approximately the 1939 borders between the two countries.

Fortunately none of that is true. But it is interesting to consider what would happen if the US had adopted Murtha and the Democrat's strategy in previous conflicts. You would think that members of Congress, especially those that have served in the military, would understand that conflicts must be won in a decisive manner. Wars are never won by retreating. Victory is never gained by giving up. True and lasting peace can only be obtained by completely destroying the enemies' will and ability to wage war.

A "cut and run" strategy will only encourage our enemies. Osama Bin Laden is on record as saying this after observing Clinton's disgraceful exit in Somalia. Our enemies saw American forces quit after enduring a few casualties at the hands of a ragtag bunch of thugs. An embarrassment and probably the single biggest event that convinced Osama that a major attack like 9-11 would cause the US to pull all of its forces out of the Middle East and abandon Israel.

Thankfully, Osama did not realize that George Bush is not Bill Clinton. And mercifully, the Democrats are not in power. Hopefully, they will never be in power. Because they have proven time and again that they cannot be trusted with defending America, or protecting our interests in a dangerous world.

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