Monday, November 13, 2006

We all knew the implications of a Democratic victory in the past election. Now we are starting to see the results. It seems our enemies In Tehran and Damascus have certainly taken notice:

"The perceived results of the midterm elections in the U.S. were read as positive by Tehran and its allies, in the sense that it froze vigorous reactions by the U.S. against any Iranian-Syrian move in Lebanon via Hezbollah. The feelings in Tehran and Damascus, have been that if in the next weeks and months a "thrust" takes place in Lebanon to the advantage of the pro-Syrian camp, Washington will be in no position to react or counter."

From the article: Hezbollah's offensive in Lebanon has begun - World Defense Review

It seems Iran is continuing their strategy to surround and eventually attempt to destroy Israel. Hezbollah is making moves to complete a takeover of Lebanon and if that happens, Iran will have two countries bordering Israel that are virtual puppets of Iran and sworn enemies of Israel.

Thankfully, George Bush is President for at least two more years. But with the "cut & runners" now running the Hill, will he have to fight both the terrorists and Congress?

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