Saturday, November 22, 2008

And Then Obama Said, "Let There Be Jobs."

President-elect Obama - BTW, until he has a day in court and proves that he is Constitutionally qualified, I have a hard time accepting him as President. He needs to immediately produce the paperwork and prove that he is in fact a "natural born citizen" and fully qualified to be President. These doubts cannot linger past the inauguration. If he will take these very basic steps, like every other employee and prove citizenship, he will have my respect (for the office of POTUS) and my prayers for wisdom and success as Bibically commanded.

The POTUS-elect has announced a plan to "create" new jobs, over 2.5 million. He claims he will do this by putting them to work building bridges, to where, who knows and fixing schools - yep that is a good strategy for success. He also added that his administration would "invest" in alternative energy.

Why are Americans so gullible to buy this bilge? Government NEVER creates jobs. They simply take from one group and redistribute it to another. Just like Clinton's 100,000 new cops, give or take a few tens of thousands, these are short term jobs that disappear when Federal funds go away. And they will. The state and local governments will not have the means to fund these jobs, nor should they beyond their budget capability.

The economy grows when government lowers taxes and allows more money to stay in the hands of those who will spend it and invest it in job creation. Any formula involving government "investing" or "creating jobs" will utimately collapse when the higher taxes required to support this welfare cannot be collected.

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