Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday...

The day after Thanksgiving otherwise known as Black Friday, gives us the opportunity to examine what really makes our economy hum. Its not bureaucrats and its certainly not Republicans or Democrats. The way America works is ordinary Americans spending money with American businesses. The sooner the folks in Washington figure this out, the more prosperous this country will be.

Black Friday is successful because people expect bargains. And depending on the state of the economy, most businesses respond by advertising aggressively. They lower prices on toys, electronics and all sorts of items that might be in demand. Just like lower taxes spur economic growth and higher revenues, lower prices and sales generate more business. It is a tried and true method.

If Obama and Washington want to truly see America prosperous, they need to stop trying to buy favors or manipulate and "manage" the economy, and just simply get out of our lives and wallets.

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