Wednesday, May 13, 2009

History Repeats...

This will be a short blog. I have linked to an article written in 1993 by Benjamin Netanyahu, the current President of Israel. It is an excerpt from a book written about Czechoslovakia's betrayal by the western powers to Germany just before World War 2. The parallels are amazing.

Here is a short excerpt:

Like Czechoslovakia, Israel is a small democracy with a powerful army much aided by defensive terrain. Like the Sudeten district, the West Bank is mountainous territory, a formidable military barrier that guards the slender and densely populated Israeli shoreline and Israel's capital city.

Like the Germans, the Arabs understand that as long as Israel controls these mountains, it will not be overrun. They understand too that a military campaign to seize these mountains is at present unthinkable, and that Israel's removal from them can be achieved only by the application of irresistible political pressure by the West on Israel to withdraw.

The Arab regimes have therefore embarked on a campaign to persuade the West that these Arab inhabitants of these mountains (like the Sudeten Germans, comprising roughly a third of the total population) are a separate people that deserve the right of self-determination - and that unless such self-determination is granted, the Arab states will have no choice but to resort to war to secure it.

As in the case of Czechoslovakia, Israel's insistence on not parting with territories strategically vital for its defenses is presented as the obstacle to peace.

Echoing Munich, the Arabs repeatedly advocate "active" American (and European) involvement, in the hope that an American Chamberlain can be found to force "the intransigent party" to capitulate where it is otherwise unwilling to compromise its own security. (my emphasis)
Lessons from the Sudetenland

The muslims have found that American in our current President. His bumbling foreign policy missteps, and unwillingness to confront evil in the world, puts our best friend and ally in the Middle East in a very dangerous position.

I encourage you to take a look and think about what the West wants in the Middle East and what the ramifications for these actions would be for Israel's ability to defend itself.

And of course, always pray for the peace of Israel.

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