Thursday, April 30, 2009

Republican Succes Formula

Even though I have voted for Republican candidates for most of my adult life, I would never classify myself as one. Why? Its simple. Republicans have generally been less of a threat to freedom than the Dhimmirats. But they are often, as in the case of John McCain, liberal-lites, or the lesser of two evils.

When a Republican is suggesting that government should get more involved in health care or tax energy to stop "global warming", or that we need more gun laws, or "fairness" in the media, they are not supporting traditional Republican positions, and certainly not Conservative values. These are all Dhimmirat issues, and like Arlen Specter, politicians with these positions probably need to accept that they are in fact liberals and belong with the Dhimmirats.

I am a Conservative. To me that means: small government + lower taxes + strong defense = more freedom. Many issues fall under this formula. Recognizing that the Constitution is law and not just helpful suggestions is one. Limiting the power and scope of the Federal government and keeping taxes and regulation to a minimum to maintain a vibrant and growing economy are two others. Defending this country from threats here and abroad is probably the most important. I mean you can't have much freedom if islamic kamikazes are flying planes into buildings.

Lots of talking heads have been giving Republicans advice on how to win. Many of these so-called Republicans call themselves "moderates" as if fence sitting is something noble. We have seen what happens when liberal Republicans run for President just last year. McCain is as close as you can get to being a Dhimmirat and he lost in spite of having one of the best VP candidates in the modern history of elections.

Reagan did attract lots of people to him because he focused on issues that do matter: smaller government, defending the nation and lower taxes. Most Americans can agree those are the most important issues to our freedom and security. So my formula for success is easy. Focus on the issues that we all can agree on, which will be really easy after seeing the alternative these next 4 years.

Republican Formula For Success
Small Government + Lower Taxes + Strong Defense
= Freedom & Prosperity For All

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