Monday, July 27, 2009

Is Obama Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

You really wonder sometimes if the ruling class of liberals in Washington is made up of a bunch of middle school kids playing politics. There are many individual examples of stupidity such as Obama managing to visit 57 US states. And of course calling a police officer doing his job "stupid" when he admits that he doesn't have all the facts. Just why is the POTUS commenting on a local crime anyway? Did his magic teleprompter make him say that?

The idiocy permeates the entire administration. Handing out a mistranslated "reset" button to Russian dignitaries and wrongly formatted DVDs to our friends in England were certainly moments that made me proud of our leadership. And then there is their constant support for a deposed criminal in Honduras along with continually referring to the lawful removal of a thug from office as a coup. Maybe they are afraid that Honduras has set a precedent that might be followed here?

Congress is not exempt from the lunacy. Rushing to pass bills designed to destroy the freedom we enjoy without even reading the darn things is just one of many examples. Democrats refusal to reign in abuse within the mortgage industry that they encouraged and supported is another proud moment.

But the ultimate sign of their brilliance is in the numbers brought to you by our ruling class. And thanks to American Thinker who did the data gathering for me.

Total Deficit in Bush's first 7 years (2001-2007): $1.5 Trillion
CBO's Estimate of Obama's first 7 deficits (2009-2015): $7.1 Trillion

Much more fun with numbers at the link above. Enjoy!

Remember, Democrats like to tell us how much smarter they are than us. But frankly, based on their performance to date, I would prefer a bunch of 5th graders.

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