Friday, July 24, 2009

Waste, The Final Frontier...

Since 1989, the US Government has spent $79 BILLION of taxpayer money to study and spread propaganda on the global warming hoax. That is money that could have stayed in the private sector creating jobs and stimulating the economy. Instead it was wasted on Al Gore's fantasy/get-rich-quick scheme.

But for grins, let's assume that we would allow the government to spend our money on something else. What would that buy us?

It would provide private health insurance for nearly 1 million uninsured annually - assuming they were not illegally here or not interested in having medical insurance.

We could have purchased nearly three times as many F22s and lowered the programs overall cost - a program Obama called "a waste" - as if national security and air superiority is a waste.

We could build almost 3,000 more monuments dedicated to tax cheat and Democrat Charlie Rangle!

170 Million school kids could be served free lunches annually!!

You could build nearly 10 nuclear reactors and reduce greenhouse emissions from coal-powered plants.

You could purchase 3 TRILLION pounds of ham annually at twice the retail cost just like Obama's Agricultural Secretary recently did with STIMULUS money.

We could pay for 3,000 wetlands preservation projects like Nancy Pelosi included in the STIMULUS bill.

We could build 23,000 windmills and still not produce enough reliable energy as one nuclear power plant. But boy those birds love crashing into them. And what a lovely way to enhance the environment. Liberals could join hands and dance around each windmill and sing songs praising mother earth. That would be swell!

I'm just trying to get my hands around what Thomas Jefferson and our Founding Fathers might say if they saw how much money was stolen from citizens and wasted every year. They truly would be appalled.

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