Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Buck Stops Here?

Not too long ago, President Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that read "the buck stops here." It was meant to make sure people understood that he was a man of action and was not going to blame others for his mistakes. As a leader of the free world, you lead, not make excuses.

Most of the inhabitants of the White House since that time and to varying degrees, adopted the same mindset. They took credit for their success and responsibility for their mistakes. That is what good leaders do.

It has been three years since the Democrats took over Congress with Obama as a Senator, when he wasn't off campaigning. And almost 2 years since he was elected POTUS. And yet once again he was in Texas and Georgia blaming the Bush administration for the current economic mess.

When your administration has literally destroyed jobs - car dealerships in the automotive takeover and oil field workers with the drilling moratorium, and stifled all job growth through new taxes and the threat of even more with Obamacare, its time to start taking some responsibility for 10% unemployment and a shrinking private sector. And you need to take responsibility for the housing/financial meltdown that had many Democrat fingerprints all over it.

An honorable leader would not be acting like a child blaming someone else. But I will save that for another blog.

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