Thursday, November 18, 2010

Financial Bigotry...

An outstanding article from American Thinker

The point of the tax debate must be the principle that every man -- rich, middle-class, or lower-class -- has the right to keep as much as possible of what he has honestly earned. It is this foundation of freedom and property rights that is being ignored in the increasingly complicated political debate over an elusive definition of how to promote "growth" for the country.

I have never understood why anyone should be forced to pay a higher percentage in taxes. And I find it ridiculous that nearly half of the country pays absolutely nothing when it comes tax time.

The tax code needs to be simplified to one very low rate with little or even no deductions. Even the very poor should contribute something - even if it is symbolic. Then, we might have some fairness and a vibrant and growing economy once more. When it comes election time, liberal voters might think twice before voting for people hell-bent on raising taxes to pay for their spending orgies.

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