Thursday, June 09, 2011

PETA Versus Al Gore Down Under

If the disciples of Al Gore's climate church squared off against the Australian versions of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals...I mean People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) or the Humane Society, who would win? Better yet, who would YOU root for?

It seems that the global warming Nazis down under have cooked up a swell scheme to kill all the camels. Not the cigarettes, but actual camels roaming the outback. Now I hear camel meat is tasty - I've never tried it. But the primary stated purpose is to reduce the global warming gases, Methane and C02, that the camels produce during the course of digesting plants.
Australian camels could be shot to curb methane

Now, its been a few years since I studied biology and earth science, but I vaguely recall that decaying plants release...wait for it, Methane and C02. So if the camels are not eating the vegetation, would it not simply die and release the same amount of gas? Or, some other creature would begin to thrive now that the camels were not eating all the tasty green stuff, right? And then of course we would have those same gasses being produced by whatever animal took the camel's place in the food chain.

Camels are not indigenous to Australia. And there may be good reasons to reduce or remove the population down under. But the global warming hoax is not one of them. If the camels are causing harm to other native plants or animals, I can understand the need to reduce or remove their population. That seems like a sound policy. Although liberals sure went bat crazy when Alaska and Governor Palin were doing the exact same thing for much sounder reasons in Alaska. But liberal double standards are quite expected these days.

One final thought for you to consider. If the global warming zealots are willing to murder helpless camels in the outback to "save the planet," why stop there? I mean, humans release methane and C02 too. Will they put a bounty, give global warming carbon credits, or even Al Gore bucks for assassinating Conservatives, Christians, or God forbid, global warming deniers?

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