Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Obamacare - An Unconstitutional Attack On Freedom

As American Patriots wait to hear from the Supreme Court, the propaganda campaign has begun. When the SCOTUS throws out Obamacare, and rightly so, they will be attacked by the media and those on the left. They will be accused of killing children and leaving people to die in the streets. Its ironic that the party responsible for the billion dollar abortion business, and the murder of almost 55 million children to date, is now so concerned about "free" health care.

UNCONSTITUTIONAL - at variance with or not permitted by a constitution

Lost in all the left's weeping and gnashing of teeth is the realization that Obamacare is unconstitutional - it is simply against the law. But that does not matter. The left simply wants more control and more power over the population. With Obamacare firmly place, along with Roe v Wade, the left could decide whether you enter the world, and when and how you depart. Note the precedent set by many past and present socialist countries of using abortion, euthanasia, and eugenics to control population and remove undesirables. But that would never happen here, right?

It does not matter if Americans in every poll taken by legitimate polling organizations have continually come out against Obamacare. It does not matter that even with a Democrat Congress, it took legislative tricks and bribery on a massive scale to even pass this travesty - that they did not even bother to read. The left is determined to nationalize American medicine, bringing mediocre, and rationed health care to all.

Right now, even with the "evil" system currently in place, health care is available and often freely provided. The private sector already subsidizes the health care for millions (including many illegally here) who never pay. They do this because most people want the very best care, and many are willing to pay a premium for it. Once the government gets involved, it simply gives everyone substandard, and most often, rationed care. And even worse, compels people to pay into a corrupt system to support those who are often unwilling to help themselves. Do you think folks getting "free" health care will settle for the most basic care possible? Think again.

Freedom is precious. But freedom also requires responsibility. You do not steal from your fellow citizens to pay for your health care. You do not force medical professionals, who have worked hard and invested time and money on education, to provide health care below market rates. 

Imagine if star athletes, entertainers, journalists, or even, gasp, politicians were told that even after all their hard work, the maximum they would ever earn would be $25,000 a year. How many of these folks would be willing to do what it takes to be the best in their respective field? How entertaining would movies or ball games be if those professionals gave only 10% of their effort? Do you think health care professionals would be any different? Its simply human nature. If there is no reward, why work harder? 

BTW - I'm all for reducing Congressional pay to the minimum wage, although that might still be too much for a few of them. And if by some demonic trick Obamacare stays around, forcing politicians to be covered by the same substandard care the rest of us will suffer under seems appropriate.

The freedom guaranteed by the Constitution allows you to succeed, or even fail. Often through failure come the greatest life lessons, leading to tremendous victories and personal achievement through hard work. All effort should be free from the shackles of government dependence or excessive regulation. 

There are generations who have been stuck in government housing, and receive everything from food to mobile phones on the backs of taxpayers. I can't imagine anything worse to a person's self worth than to be totally dependent on anyone except God. And yet sadly, there are those on the left who may even mean well, but want to act like they are a god. They would gladly condemn millions more to the government plantation and a lifetime of dependence. Whether its ignorance, or demonic influence, it is still very wrong.

SCOTUS will slap Obamacare down, preventing the enslavement of even more folks. Maybe then, we can turn our attention to getting more people off the government plantation, and allow them to truly enjoy the freedom guaranteed by the Constitution.

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