Monday, June 18, 2012

Believer Or Denier

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"A sizeable (and growing) proportion of the public in Western democracies deny the existence of anthropogenic climate change. It is commonly assumed that convincing deniers that climate change is real is necessary for them to act pro-environmentally. However, the likelihood of ‘conversion’ using scientific evidence is limited because these attitudes increasingly reflect ideological positions." -- Promoting pro-environmental action in climate change deniers

Note the psychological projection in this opening paragraph. You don't think the global warming folks are driven by ideological zeal!? Or in the case of Al Gore, a windfall in taxpayer dollars in his pocket?

Also note the use of the highly offensive DENIER label, while the "researchers" label themselves as BELIEVERS, appropriately equating their junk science fantasies to a religion. And remember, this is a "scientific" paper.

And finally note that the strongest opposition comes from FREE societies, where opposition is permitted and people are allowed to examine evidence and come to their own conclusions, in spite of billions of dollars in propaganda forced on them, and especially on their children.

Most of my "resistance" is based on scientific evidence and observation, and is corroborated by all the falsified/corrupted data and models being used to push this fraud. This does not mean that I want dirty water, acid rain, or even to destroy the environment. It simply means I have looked at the evidence, coupled with several decades of personal observation, and my own commonsense, and realized that it would be quite difficult for man to alter the GLOBAL CLIMATE. And destroying the economy for perhaps a 1/2 degree change in temperature seems like a plan only a Progressive intent on fundamentally transforming the nation could devise.

By their own admission, the professors claim that the "deniers" are growing. Maybe they should explore this fact. And just maybe, there IS a competing financial interest when the study is funded by Big Government (taxpayer) $$$$.

You can review some of my older blogs for more details on my resistance to the global warming hoax.

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