Thursday, August 30, 2012

Have The Warmanistas Cried Wolf Too Many Times?

Far too many folks have used fear or a crisis to promote their agenda. If you are led to believe that driving your SUV is killing polar bears, well naturally, you would be inclined to not drive your SUV. And if the "experts" claimed that by implementing some cap & tax scheme, you could thwart the apocalypse, naturally you would be willing to comply, no matter what the cost to the economy or your family.

But what if all those predictions were not just wrong, but downright deceitful? That has been my concern from day one. The outlandish claims of an Arctic without ice, or Florida under water, or Polar Bears disappearing, should have been dismissed immediately by the general public as gross distortions. The idea that creating a trading scheme, taxing energy of all things, would somehow change the GLOBAL climate and grow the economy should be laughable to anyone with a basic understanding of economics. And yet there are still people pushing these same lies and schemes. Makes you wonder why?

With Hollywood, the media and far too many politicians going all-in for the global warming agenda, its nice to see more scientists pushing back. The latest effort is a full length documentary called The Boy Who Cried Warming. You can watch the film in its entirety at the link. It is free and I would recommend turning off the HD option unless you have a super fast connection.

The film is a good exploration of the global warming claims, and the agenda behind some of the lies. It is certainly not a purely scientific presentation. Neither is it agitprop like that laughable Al Gore "Truth" film educators sometimes force students to watch. Even a climate novice or student will get some value from this film.

Some of the issues addressed include:
- What science really is
- The Polar Bear myth
- Historical temperature record and its distortion by global warming believers
- C02's importance to life
- Larger forces (beyond man's control) that influence climate - Sun, Earth's movement, water vapor
- Politicization of science and government bodies like the IPCC
- Devastating consequences of Cap & Trade and other government solutions

Here is a preview. I encourage everyone to watch the entire film and share the link with your friends. You must inoculate yourself against this policy by panic. If you don't, politicians will force solutions on you that steal your freedom, and fix nothing.

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