Sunday, March 27, 2016

What If Trump Ran As A Democrat?

Let's face it, Democrats are at a crossroads. They have lunged so far to the left that they now must choose between a radical left-wing nutcase, and Bernie Sanders. The former is just a brave prosecutor away from permanently wearing orange jumpsuits. The latter is at least honest enough to admit that he is socialist, and for that alone I respect the man.

Which brings us to Donald Trump. He is a reality TV celebrity, a businessman, and during this election cycle a Republican candidate for POTUS. That he would run as a Republican is a bit odd. As a lifelong New Yorker, which is not known for producing Republicans, let alone Conservative ones, he seems quite out of his element. Party loyalty is not something Trump is known for, having switched parties at least 5 times in his life. And to keep it real, he has given substantial sums to Democrats including thousands to Hillary Clinton, the likely DNC opponent in the general election. Apparently, donating to Clinton was not enough, as Trump really likes the politician.

Should we dismiss Trump's thousands donated to DNC candidates, and specifically to the DNC front-runner? Is it at all strange that he would have such glowing words for the opposition?

Take any issue that divides Conservatives and progressives, like abortion for instance. Most normal people recognize the difference between Good and evil, Light and darkness, at a much earlier age than their late 60s. Murdering children whether in the womb or outside the womb is evil. There is no wiggle room on this issue. We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Shoving scissors in the back of an infant's head CLEARLY, undermines those UNALIENABLE Rights. And yet Trump seems ambivalent on the issue. Praising his judge sister who supports partial birth abortion, and he seems quite supportive of Planned Parenthood, which murders infants in numbers that would make the Nazis blush.

If there is one clear dividing line between Conservatives and progressives, abortion is it. So if Trump feels so strongly about funding Planned Parenthood, and supports abortion even to the point of the diabolical partial birth version, then it makes little sense to run as a Republican.

So why didn't he run as a Democrat? If any party needs a course correction, it is definitely the DNC. And Trump is a natural fit. Living in New York he shares their values, believes in crony capitalism, and is used to big government corruption. He is the ideal progressive candidate. He enjoys the celebrity culture of the DNC, and is uncomfortable with ordinary folks who treasure principles, Godly values, and civility.

When it comes to votes, he attracts DNC voters like government handouts. The Texas primary provided ample evidence of this as the the GOP primary went from 1.4 million voters in 2012 to 2.8 million this year. While the numbers are exactly opposite for the Democrats going from 2.8 million in 2008, and dropping down to 1.4 million this year. Even with such a staggering Democrat influx, Trump had to settle for a humbling second place finish, falling nearly 500,000 votes behind Ted Cruz. In probably the most reliably Conservative state in the country, over 70% of the GOP voters selected someone other than Trump. Had he run in the DNC Texas primary, he likely wins in a landslide.

Trump's path to the White House would be far simpler destroying what is the weakest DNC field since Mondale ran against Reagan. After 8 years of Obama, even Democrats are doubting their leadership and party direction. So it literally makes no practical sense for Trump to abandon his natural base, and attempt to reimagine himself a Conservative.

So, why is he running as a Republican?

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