Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Collectivists Are Revolting... But Funny

Much to the collective disappointment of the media and pundits, the election was over almost as soon as the polls closed on the East Coast. They did their best to resist calling states that were obviously Trump wins, and pulled the trigger quite quickly on any state that even appeared a Clinton possibility. It did not matter. Trump still won in decisive fashion, even if the media made sure most of America was already asleep before he got to speak to the nation.

After months of being fed rigged polls, Clinton supporters were rightly shocked. Even worse were the irrational fears brought on by the almost demonic behavior of the media and Clinton towards not only Donald Trump, but anyone who would even consider voting for him. In light of the hysteria, its best to remind everyone that Trump is where he stands today, precisely because Clinton and her allies made sure he was the GOP nominee. They gave him billions in free media, and alternated between attacks and indifference towards any primary threat. They built the monster, but could not destroy it in the end.

Now its time for the weeping and gnashing of teeth. The histrionics and toddler tantrums, a staple of American collectivism, never ceases to amuse. I especially enjoyed this meme.

Look at it in all its glory. A vote for Trump in some way is detrimental to all these folks. The creator of this meme never takes a moment to consider one very important point. Only the left divides people. They thrive on division and strife, never wanting to see people as just simply - AMERICANS.

Against All Enemies Foreign And Domestic: Let's consider one critical national issue carefully. On 9/11, did the Saudi terrorists take a roll call to make sure they were only targeting Christian white males? No. They crashed their planes killing people from every walk of life, every religion, every race, and every division the left could imagine. They weren't even targeting just Americans, as 372 foreign nationals were murdered that day, including a few Muslims.

Since the attack on September 11th, 139 Americans have been killed in 48 separate acts related to Islamic terror or Islam-related honor killing in the United States.  God only knows how many have been prevented by law enforcement, or botched by the terrorists themselves. It was just a few months ago that the son of a Hillary supporter, Omar Mateen, walked into Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, and murdered 49 people and wounded 53 others in a terrorist attack. It would seem that islamic radicals don't seem to care if you are female, black, LGBT or whatever you imagine yourself to be.

Islam is the enemy we face today both here and abroad. Islamic dominated countries routinely murder gays, infidels, their own wives and children, and even other Muslims who don't believe as they do. Do we really want to import even more of that barbarism here? If you are concerned about the supposed rape culture on campus, check out what unrestricted immigration has done for rape in Sweden and  throughout Europe.

Because I love LIBERTY, I cannot support a candidate who has taken millions of dollars from countries who support terrorism and the spread of Islam. Because I LOVE my friends, I voted for the candidate who sees the risk in importing thousands of potentially dangerous people who would rape or kill you, no matter what group you call home. Compassion for the innocent needs to be balanced by commonsense. One the first responsibilities of POTUS is to defend this nation from enemies both foreign and domestic. If the intelligence community struggles to identify home grown islamic radicals, how are they going to successfully screen thousands of potential enemy combatants posing as refugees?

According to Pew research, Muslims represent about 4 to 8 percent of the population in Western European nations. Violent agitation is a way of life in several countries as they rarely adopt the cultural norms of their new home. Instead, they demand that Sharia law, the 7th century barbarism of the Middle East, be imposed in Europe. There is also a willingness to provide support for violent jihad in their adopted home.

In a survey commissioned by Channel 4 of UK Muslims, 4% sympathize with suicide bombers or see it as a viable form of protest. That's a potential talent pool of 100,000 suicide bombers. And speaking of that LGBT friend, 52% of UK muslims surveyed want to ban homosexuality. What does ban mean? Well, in more than few islamic countries it means death.

ALL AMERICANS matter to me, and voters like me. It is for that very reason we supported the only reasonable alternative to save the Republic from this growing threat.

Regime Change

The establishment in both parties have had multiple chances to get this country headed in the right direction. Since both have proven incapable of substantive and positive change, maybe its time to try something different? If your choices continue to be either hump or death, maybe its time for regime change?

Don't consider Islam a real threat? Take any issue and let's compare the two candidates. 

Does granting citizenship and benefits to illegal aliens help any citizen? No. It means jobs are taken, wages go down, and taxes go up to pay for all the free benefits handed out to these new citizens. Plus, the added bonus of school and prison overcrowding, higher insurance premiums, more crime and on and on. How does that help your friends? Uncontrolled immigration helps nobody.

How does higher energy prices help any of these disappointed groups? Last I checked, we all endure the same misery at the pump and on our energy bills.

Raising taxes has never stimulated an economy or created jobs. With roughly half the population already idle, how does putting even more people out of work through bigger government and unrestricted immigration help anyone?

Abortion murders minorities and females at disproportionate rates. How does making it even easier to kill a child even up until birth help anyone from these groups? 

Obama and Clinton have created the refugee crisis by attacking and encouraging rebellion throughout the Middle East. In the process, they helped arm what would become ISIS. So, much of the problems facing this planet can be traced to their foreign policy blunders. And yet the left thinks she is the solution?

Maybe its time my LGBT+, Female, Black, Latino/a, Muslim friends stop with their tribal, or collectivist outlook, and start looking out for the only nation on the planet that offers them any hope of individual Liberty. Collective rights deprive the individual of their Liberty. The moment you divide the nation by color, class, religion, or sexual appetite, you have introduced division that leads to conflict - something Marxists encourage. The rights of the individual will always be trampled by the group. However, Liberty is colorblind and benefits everyone equally, especially the individual who does not fall for groupthink, collectivism, or the tribalism found in the rest of the world. In the United States, you can truly be free. Let's keep it that way.

And there was only one candidate who spoke in support of Liberty. And it sure wasn't the career politician on the ballot.

Final Thoughts

All over America, special snowflakes and social justice warriors are hurting. Classes are being cancelled, and people are gathering to discuss their feelings about this election. In fact, at the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota, Katrice Albert, the Vice President for Equity and Diversity, thought it necessary to send out a letter to comfort her little minions.

While there is no expiration date for the raw emotion many are feeling, we will continue to work diligently toward a campus climate that supports respect and inclusive excellence as we work across our differences. I say “we” because none of this work happens in isolation; it requires time and effort from all of us. As famed poet June Jordan said, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” We can only transform and enrich our institution by learning from one another, working in partnership, and continuing to find ways to positively contribute to our campus community.


We know we live in difficult times — not just here, but across our country and world. We want the University of Minnesota to be an environment where bridges are built to respectfully connect our many communities. That begins with each of us and all of us. Please join us in this critical effort.

When I imagine hard times, I think of what my parents endured. Both were raised on farms during the depression. They got up before sunrise, milked cows, plowed the fields, walked to school, and repeated those same chores when they came home. If you did not work, you did not eat. Then both, while not any older than these distraught muffins, served their country during a World War.

My father fought his way through North Africa, up the Italian peninsula and into Southern France, and then finally into Germany. He was one of 5 boys who would serve their country from the same farm family. Add in two more uncles from my Mother's side of the family, and that made 7.

My Mother, who had attempted to start college, instead postponed those plans. She went to work at Tinker Air Force Base doing what she could for the war effort working on B-29 bombers.

Thousands of folks have done the same in times of national emergency, both before and after World War 2.

This country has been very Blessed. We have enjoyed far more peace than war, far more prosperity than poverty. And we have not seen a foreign enemy on our shores since Japan briefly occupied the Aleutians.

There is absolutely nothing about this time, this nation, or this election that constitutes "difficult times". The mollycoddling of this generation will make sure they will be absolutely unprepared when faced with actual difficult times. The very fact that there are universities out there who have Vice Presidents for Equity and Diversity babysitting children instead of preparing adults for the real world, demonstrates how far we have fallen.

President Trump is exactly what this country needs. Along with a swift kick in the butt for all these special snowflakes.

I guess there is a Pauline Fleming at every school.

America needs a little more George Patton, and far less Pauline Fleming.


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