Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mystery of Life #4

Mystery of life #4 is something that has puzzled me for most of my adult life. For a few years I had forgotten about it. But being single again, I am confronted by it as I interact in the "singles scene".

Whenever I would go out it seems I only meet women who are in their early 20s or in their 40s. It is very rare to meet any women from about 25 to 35. Where do they all go?

Don't get me wrong. 21 year old women are gorgeous. But generally they want to introduce you to their mother. Which can be pretty tough on ones' self-confidence.

Of course the answer is pretty easy. They are involved in their careers, dating, getting married, having/raising kids etc. They then emerge back on the scene divorced 40ish single moms who hate men - I'm kidding of course.

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