Monday, March 20, 2006

Paging General Robert E Muhammed...

And something new from the Demi-rats.

It seems the faxes went out from Demi-rat headquarters to all their leftist media allies: "As we reach the 3rd anniversary of the Iraq invasion, let's claim that there is a civil war brewing. Let's forget the fact that the Kurdish region is prospering and peaceful, along with large parts of the country. And ignore the fact that both Iran and Syria have a vested interest in not having a stable, democractic neighbor next door. Or that radical Islamic nuts are trying their best to destroy freedom for the Iraqi people."

You don't need to read the articles. They are all boilerplate Demi-rat talking points. Simply look at the headlines:

Civil war fears grip Iraq on 3rd anniversary - Reuters via Yahoo

Iraq risks civil war three years after invasion - AFP via Yahoo

Myriad factors are moving Iraq toward civil war - Dallas Morning News via Contra Costa Times

Allawi Says Iraq in Middle of Civil War - AP via Yahoo

Debate rages on civil war in Iraq - Fort Wayne Journal

Is Iraq In Civil War? - CBS News - The noted beacon of truth and integrity in news [/sarcasm]

No wonder ratings and readership continues to plummet at all the old media outlets.

Do what the media is suppose to do investigate and report.

We all get it. You hate Bush and desire him to fail in whatever he does. The sad part is if we ultimately fail (which will not happen under present and similar conservative leadership), it would mean the end of a free media. That is the irony for me. If the left had their way they would submit to the Islamic facists and lose the very rights they claim they cherish. Their hatred of Bush blinds them to the ultimate cost of us NOT winning the WOT.

With all the negative news the old media always reports, it must be really depressing being a liberal. No wonder they are so angry.

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