Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beware The Naked French Fry Thief...

In Langley, British Columbia (Canada) there was a woman waiting in the drive-through for her food from a Wendy's restaurant. As the food was being handed to her, a naked man ran through the drive-through and stole her fries.

As we speak, Canadian police are searching for the butt-naked bandit throughout the area.Police search for naked french fry thief

As humorous as this story was, I felt there was a deeper life lesson to be learned. After at least 10 minutes of relatively minor thought it came to me. This is a metaphor for life under Obama's liberal vision for America. Work with me here...

Customer - Represents all free Americans who through their hard work earn the right to spend their money for food or anything else that they desire. This "pursuit of happiness" was guaranteed by our founding documents.

Wendy's - Represents the free market - manufacturers, doctors, lawyers and anyone else who offers products or services for sale or trade.

The Naked Man - Represents liberals who are always ready to steal and deprive hard-working Americans of the fruits of their labors. No matter how much the customer wanted or needed those fries, liberals will not let her have them because they know better. They add insult by doing this brazen act while naked - out there for all the world to see. They don't care. The fries belong to them and they will do what they want with them - customer and business be damned. Everyone loses when the naked man is running free.

The Police - Represent the press, or as they are called now, the state run media. There might be some half-hearted efforts to locate the naked man, but it will never be a high priority. They are enablers and really have no desire to catch the naked man. They may be in fact cheering for him. In times past, reporters were watchdogs for freedom. Those days are gone. Now they are largely lapdogs and sycophants for the naked man.

What is the lesson to learn from all this? We must lock up the naked man before he causes any more damage. It starts with fries today, but tomorrow its your car, your job, your health care and all freedom. Eventually, the naked man will take away everything. He must be stopped before its too late.

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