Friday, June 26, 2009

Those Damn Disney Princesses!

Yes, you can blame them, all eight of them, Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Mulan. They are responsible, along with their male suitors, for teaching kids that heterosexuality is normal. Damn them to hell!

That is the findings of two noted "scientists" from the University of Michigan who spent several hundred thousand dollars (I'm sure we paid for it) researching the highest grossing G-rated films between 1990-2005. Let's be frank, they spent thousands watching children's films. How's that for a waste of Federal dollars?

There is even a whole new word!
Heteronormativity - representing heterosexuality as normal

Oh the horror! I guess we can overlook the 6,000 years of human history, of this generation, and the untold millions of examples of successful heterosexual relationships during this time in both reality and the arts. Instead we will focus on the less than 5% of the population who engages in alternative lifestyles and assume that they are in fact normal - they are the standard we should lift up in arts and entertainment.

"Despite the assumption that children's media are free of sexual content, our analyses suggest that these media depict a rich and pervasive heterosexual landscape," wrote researchers Emily Kazyak and Karin Martin, in a report published in the latest issue of the Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) publication Gender & Society.

Honestly, I'm trying to picture Disney remaking Little Mermaid with Ariel and Ursula getting it on under the sea. Even as far left as Disney can be, I'm not seeing it. Plus, I don't see families flocking to the theater with their 5-year old girls to see it either.

The results, say the researchers, illustrate two ways that the children's films "construct heterosexuality": through "depictions of hetero-romantic love as exceptional, powerful, transformative, and magical," and "depictions of interactions between gendered bodies in which the sexiness of feminine characters is subjected to the gaze of masculine characters."

No, no, not that! Sexy female characters that attract the gaze of male characters. The nerve of some writers and directors. Don't they know how cool it would have been if Grandmother Willow complimented Pocahontas on her tight little (native American) body?

Pure love (agape) is very powerful because God is love. We reflect His love best in the husband/wife relationship. This mirrors his love for the Church. This love also comes with commitment, since there is no love without it. Romantic love (eros) is lust. Lust can lead to all sorts of problematic human interactions if it is not managed properly. These are all concepts that are challenging to a child. Why make it more difficult by introducing a cornucopia of alternatives to a 5 year old?

The SWS press release on the research blamed what they called the "old ideals" of romantic relationships, specifically those found the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, which in many instances inspired the films' storylines, for "such heavily gendered depictions and glorified portrayals of heterosexual relationships."

The team says the results point to heterosexuality achieving a "taken-for-granted status" "because hetero-romance is depicted as powerful."

"Both ordinary and exceptional constructions of heterosexuality work to normalize its status because it becomes difficult to imagine anything other than this form of social relationship or anyone outside of these bonds," they concluded.

"These films provide powerful portraits of a multifaceted and pervasive heterosexuality that likely facilitates the reproduction of heteronormativity."

The SWS press release concluded: "President Obama may have declared June to be Gay Pride Month, but entertainment for children therefore continues to perpetuate a less inclusive message, leaving those outside its confines with little to build their own dreams of happily ever after."

I'll ask my readers, some of which I know are parents. Should children be exposed to anything other than normal relationships at the ages that typically view Disney and G-rated films? Can't we just let them be kids and enjoy the story without pushing some hard-left, pro-gay message? I promise you if they attend public school or watch any movies or TV during their childhood they will receive all the alternative lifestyle indoctrination they can stomach. Do you really want to explain to a 5-year old why two dudes are making out on screen? They are facing enough challenges just with mom, dad, brother, sister and that crazy uncle that visits every Christmas.

For most of my lifetime feminists have attempted to emasculate boys, removing any fear of failure or desire to triumph. Competitive sports are reduced to where no score is kept and everyone gets a trophy. This creates a wimpy, unmotivated population destined for mediocrity.

Now, the radical gay agenda wants to teach our children that what they see in their parents and grandparents is not normal. Instead they need to seek out alternatives to be truly happy. And do we stop with homosexual couples? Why not polygamy? Its been practiced for centuries around the world. Bestiality can't be all bad either, can it? I hear NAMBLA is getting to be a pretty big outfit these days. We can't leave them out can we?

Definitely another sign of the approaching apocalypse.

Source article: Team of Researchers Blames Children's Films for Perpetuating "Heteronormativity"

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