Monday, June 15, 2009

Cap & Trade...

The Tax Foundation has come up with a nifty tool to estimate how much you will have to pay Al Gore to fight his global warming scam. You can calculate your own"contribution" right here. The sad thing is that all this money will be taken out of the economy and do NOTHING to change the climate.

Liberals are pushing hard for a government takeover of health care right now which is rather frightening. Health care is already screwed up precisely because government has its tentacles all over the industry. I saw this firsthand during my Father's final weeks.

But as scary as government run health care might be, the added taxes and regulation that would have to be created to fight "global warming" would be catastrophic. Every sector of the economy would be attacked. Every human activity would have to be monitored, regulated and taxed. There would be absolutely no freedom and no privacy in an Obama/Al Gore run war against the sun.

My annual donation to the Al Gore Enrichment Fund came to just under $1,000. By my estimates the annual government theft would come to over $250 billion stripped from the economy. Now if Obama and Al Gore could only figure out who to pay to make the sun not shine so much...

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