Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bieber Politics - A Lesson

If you don't know who Justin Bieber is, don't feel left out, neither did I. But apparently he is the latest teen beat heartthrob to come down the pike.

I don't pay much attention to what celebrities "think." But it does sometimes offer an opportunity to explore a topic. In this case, we revisit the joys of socialism.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, he calls the US medical system "evil" and then praises Canada's socialized medicine because "We go to the doctor and we don't need to worry about paying him."

It seems that, in typical liberal fashion, he has a bodyguard facing some high medical bills after a premature birth. What is odd, is that nothing in the story mentions why this person has no insurance and why on the same weekend that Bieber's film grossed $30 million is one of his employees faced with a lifetime of medical expenses. We can only assume that explanation is forthcoming.

I don't want to be too hard on the lad. He is only 16. Most kids that age should not be bothered with politics and using their brain for anything more than deciding what to eat for lunch.

But I did want to explore the whole socialized medicine debate from a completely different perspective. In a system like Canada, you pay exorbitant taxes that theoretically cover your medical expenses. Government bureaucrats determine what each procedure costs and in many cases forbid you to take certain medicines or tests for purely economic reasons. They also determine what health practitioners should earn. When demand is high, and health care providers few, the services are delayed and/or rationed. The incentive to find cures, new medicine or best practices does not exist - since there can be no profit motive in a socialized health care system.

Also, after spending 10 years in college/medical school/residency and a small fortune for the training, you may never see a real return on your investment. Having a steady government paycheck and being constantly overworked by people expecting the very best care for free, may not be worth it.

Now let's apply liberal logic to celebrity world.

Imagine that millions of Americans demand their rights to free music and free movies. Its in the Constitution, I swear! Some Democrat Congress critters agree and pass a law declaring that all movies and music will now be free.

Taxes are raised and every American can download music or go see a movie without paying a dime. In order to pay these actors/artists/producers, the government puts them all on a fixed income. And everybody is now happy, right?

Do you think Justin would work as hard if some government agency determined his income? Would he be as creative or innovative as every other artist/actor/producer on fixed government wages?

And that in a nutshell is what is wrong with socialized medicine. Without any motive to do better, or innovate, or generate more profit, quality drops and mediocrity becomes the norm. Instead of working hard to get ahead, just like unions have proven, everyone works as little as possible.

A true capitalist system is not evil. It brings out the very best of people. It gives them the freedom to succeed, or even fail, based on their efforts alone. It made the United States the most successful and powerful nation in the history of mankind in just a couple of centuries. There are nations that date back 5,000 years that have economies that are smaller than most of our states!

It really should be no surprise that virtually every major medical advance in the last several decades has come from the efforts of "evil" for profit companies here in the United States.

We have seen example after example of how horrible socialism is and how it retards everything it touches. And yet there are still, supposedly smart people in Washington, academia and Hollywood, that think it will work.

Now, where are my free movies!?

Oh Canada...

Visit link below for a story and video of a Montreal Hospital that is desperate for a renovation. The doctors posted videos on Youtube showing the poor state and complaining about lack of help from government.

LaSalle hospital doctors complain of shoddy work conditions

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