Friday, February 11, 2011

The Mother of All Charlatans...

I completely missed this little nugget as I was freezing my butt off, stuck at home under about 6 inches of ice and DALLAS, TEXAS! Not that we don't have a little wintry weather every so often in Texas, it usually does not hang around for a whole freakin' week!

Although I do remember, in the not too distant past, the winter of 1983 in Dallas. White Rock Lake froze and we spent 12 consecutive days below freezing. Not sure where Al Gore was back then, maybe he was releasing his chakra.

Now I don't want to be too hard on Al Gore. He did invent the Internet and failed out of divinity school before realizing that politics was where he belonged. And you can't find a better training ground for becoming the Mother of All Charlatans than the US Government, especially as a Democrat.

Some time during the 20 or so years he haunted the hallowed halls of Washington, he became an expert on global climate. We know that is the case because he reminds us every chance he gets. Even made a movie about it and won some prize I think.

In the midst of the week long freeze in Dallas, Al Gore wrote a blog 'splainin' all this cold weather to us nincompoops out here who reject his sky is falling folly. You see, when it gets warmer, it gets colder. So says the anointed prophet of doom himself. Peace be upon him. No linky for Al, simply search for blog al com for February 1st. Its short and ridiculous, kind of like its author.

I almost pursued a degree in meteorology. I decided against it at the last moment when it became obvious that I was too tall for the camera. Who wants a meteorologist having to point down at Maine on the weather map. But I have always been fascinated with weather and climate, so that makes me about as much of an expert in the field as Al Gore. Maybe I should make a movie?

Commonsense screams that if the climate is warming, you don't get colder weather. But don't just take wisdom's word for it. Let's go to someone who actually STUDIES climate for a living.

No serious climate researcher — including the ones I disagree with — believes global warming can cause colder weather. Unless they have become delusional as a result of some sort of mental illness. -- Roy Spencer, Ph. D.

Dr. Spencer has spent 40 years researching climate and has worked with NASA and the University of Alabama at Huntsville and is a personal hero of mine in the field. He is a man that tells it like it is as you can see by the above quote.

I could write yet another lengthy blog showing once again how ridiculous it is to assume that mankind, even if he wanted to, could change the global climate. But hopefully we are well past that point. The global warming hoax has been thoroughly debunked numerous times. There are only a few crooks and hacks still pushing this in hopes of enriching themselves. Chief among these of course is Al Gore.

I almost feel sorry for ManBearPig. He has lied so much that he actually believes his own lies. He has personally and immensely profited from his doomsday proclamations. Honestly, jail seems too good for him.

But what sets him apart from all the other crooks in the world, is that his nonscientific ramblings have been used to terrify school children all over the world. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than lying and scaring children to the point of making them think their parents are criminals for driving an SUV or using electricity. That crap was done to me in the 70s and I will never forget how angry I was that teachers had lied to me about an imminent ice age and frightened children unnecessarily. That is just plain evil.

If you jail Bernie Madoff for his Ponzi scheme, surely there will be an appropriate punishment for the Mother of All Charlatans very, very soon.

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