Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Dan Democrat

This is in response to a blog that I read praising all the "great" things liberals have done to make our lives better. I am not going to link to it. Simply imagine all the Barbra Streisand ever written by liberals dumped into one blog. You know what I am talking about - Republicans want dirty air, poisonous water, untested medication, kill old people and minorities - the usual bilge from the left.

Here is the story of Dan Democrat.

Dan is unemployed now because liberals raised taxes and increased regulations to the point that Dan's employer could not compete with the rest of the world. And now that drilling is verboten in the US, and Federal spending is out of control, inflation will wipe out whatever savings he has managed to squirrel away. Maybe Dan could retire early? Nope, Social Security, the mother of all Ponzi schemes is bankrupt, so he can't count on that. His 401K plan was his last hope, but liberals have been scheming for years to nationalize those to shore up Social Security and union pensions that are also bankrupt. Only a matter of time - I mean it is for the good of the country right?

Dan would like to start his own business, but government red tape continues to prevent him from realizing his dream. Between permits, regulations, union corruption, and lawsuits, the risk is too great and the rewards all taxed away.

Education? Yea, Dan found that studying multiculturalism, socialism and being filled with a deep hatred of the US and western culture doesn't get you far in life - unless he wants to read the news on MSNBC or run for office as a Democrat. 60 years of liberal/union control of schools has produced some of the least educated graduates in the industrialized world, even after spending an average of over $9,000 per year, per student. Dan does think it odd that students taught in the home, by the 8th grade, are as much as four grades ahead of their peers in union-controlled, state run indoctrination centers, even with so much of a disparity in spending per student. But he feels guilty questioning government or Liberal orthodoxy.

In a moment of wisdom, Dan thinks that we could offer vouchers to students and free them from this academic slavery. Liberals are for choice when it comes to destroying life, right? But we can't have choice when it comes to education now can we. Have to keep those union bosses well compensated and those administrators enjoying the very best hotels and luxuries at their conferences. He quickly turns on CNN and switches back to drone mode.

Maybe he could get a green job? Nope, no money there either as Spain has found out. Might as well flush money down the toilet. Except we have to flush several times because liberal-mandated low flow toilets don't do the job effectively, wasting gallons of water with every flush. We already have "invested" billions of taxpayers’ $$$ in green energy for over 30 years and still can't figure out how to make a windmill or a solar panel drive a car or light a house without massive government subsidies.

All this stress has Dan feeling a little ill. Unfortunately, Obamacare has caused a massive flight of doctors out of the country and the profession. Although he feels pretty bad, its still not an emergency, so it will be three weeks before he can see a nurse. It will take up to five weeks to see an MD. Hopefully, its just a cold that will run its course and not something serious. But he takes some solace in the fact that all Americans, except those liberals in power, suffer from the same medical delays. But at least they have "free" health care.

Fortunately for Dan, it was just a cold this time. He never saw a doctor or nurse, but he still has his appointment scheduled - just in case. He did miss out on a few job opportunities that were filled by illegals while he was recovering. Liberals believe in open borders. It doesn't matter if Dan was harmed by unrestricted illegal immigration. Whether its fraud, or granting the right to vote to millions of criminals, Liberals simply lust for power and can't win with honesty. Besides, Dan knows the end justifies the means.

It looks like Dan is stuck on some sort of government handout. Like millions of Americans, many of which are liberals or vote for liberals, he will be totally dependent on a government check. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer "rich" Republicans left to tax and the Chinese will probably get tired of lending money at some point, or even worse come to collect it all back by force. Dan doesn't mind, Keith Olbermann is back on TV...somewhere.

Yep, now Dan's got it made - the gubmint gravy train. And any day now the government will start taxing the air he exhales, all in the name of "saving the planet." Life is grand living on the Liberal plantation. Al Gore be praised!

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