Friday, March 06, 2009

A Rant So Good I had To Post It Here...

I am not an ivy-league educated know-it-all, but I have been in the business world for over 20 years. I may not be an expert in economics, but I have lived history, which is a pretty good road map to the future. I've never seen government spending spur any real economic growth. Tax cuts have always produced economic activity under JFK, Reagan, Bush and just about everywhere its been tried.

You only have to look at what Japan did in the 90s to see that spending money THAT YOU DON'T HAVE on infrastructure does not spur REAL economic activity.

And quite frankly, where is the moral outrage that government is taking money from YOU and giving it to someone else? This is exactly what our founding fathers warned us about. When you allow voters to vote themselves money from the treasury, the country is doomed. Atlas hasn't just shrugged, he's saying screw it, I'm out of here. By the end of Obama's play time in Washington, there will not be any "rich folks" left to tax!

I may be "sophomoric" in my understanding, but I see Democrats, and some Republicans, taking OUR money, that they have yet to confiscate BTW, to give to failing companies, pet projects/causes and to bail out mortgages that were only made under government threats to those that had no business getting them in the first place. And you want me to embrace this!

Again I ask the question. In tough economic times, I have to cut back and spend wisely. When has government ever reigned in THEIR spending?

You have Democrats actively and openly discussing nationalizing banks, carbon taxes and taking over health care. Are we living in Venezuela now? My gosh take off those liberal rose-colored glasses and look at what is happening in Washington today and over the last 100 years of Democrat control. You are seeing the systematic destruction of the US from within before your very eyes. Kruschev would be so proud. Cloward-Piven is working like a charm.

I wonder what is being taught in universities these days when people are defending these types of activities in Washington. But then again, I drank the Kool Aid a few years before I started using my brain.

Maybe when that first Obama tax increase hits your wallet you might change your mind. What's that you say, you don't earn over $250,000 a year? Well guess what, even if you don't make that much your employer, grocer, florist, power company, service station owner, doctor, lawyer all do and they will pass that baby right along to you. You can bet that even if you currently don't pay a dime in taxes, your dollar will not buy as much.

Democrats have been screwing with banking since GSEs were created in 1916. Every banking "crisis" we have had has been very much related to excessive government meddling and "regulating." Do you trust a bunch of ivy-league educated braniacs who have never run a business to understand banking? I sure don't. These guys have never run a business much less a bank.

The nearest Barney Frank has been to meeting a payroll is the male prostitution ring that was run from his apartment. The only experience Christopher Dodd has with banking is getting sweetheart deals from Countrywide and massive campaign donations from Fannie Mae.

Obama was a community organizer and part-time professor before his 150 days as a Senator, Hillary an attorney and First Lady. Half the cabinet and many key lawmakers writing tax code can't even pay their own freakin' taxes. You expect free market solutions from this bunch?

I'm not angry, I'm passionate. I love this country too much to see it destroyed by a bunch of folks unfit for even the most menial tasks at the local fast food establishment of choice.

But I guess if I were more "sophisticated" I would understand the complexities and nuances of economic policy...

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  1. I don't understand the finer details either, but I know that it doesn't make sense to me to spend money to eventually give everyone more ...

    I will say one thing: I am glad to be Canadian right now as opposed to American. I don't mean offense, but, while our governments have the same basic plan, it can't be executed to the same degree that the American's stimulus plan is.