Thursday, March 19, 2009

If You Take The King's Coin...

Remember the saying: "If you take the king's coin, you must do the king's bidding." Consider those words as I examine the whole AIG debacle.

The manufactured brouhaha over bonuses paid to AIG executives has become surreal. First, let me provide some background on the story. Chris Dodd, ranking banking member in the Senate and Senator Obama received the greatest amount of campaign dollars from AIG at over $100,000 each during this last election cycle. Will all the Dhimmirats that accepted massive AIG campaign donations return them? I doubt it.

Flash forward, the government decides to provide bailout funds for AIG whose failure would be "catastrophic." Dodd at the request of Obama includes language allowing AIG to pay bonuses even after receiving TARP funds from the government. Now everyone is feigning ignorance and anger over bonuses that were legally promised to employees! Dodd even had the gall at first to claim that he did not know who added the language. Obama pleaded ignorance even though he signed the damn bill! Who really is in charge here!

Maybe these executives earned these bonuses? Why is the government getting involved and telling business what they can or cannot pay their employees? That is a very dangerous precedent.

In the latest hypocrisy, the House is voting on taxing the bonuses at 90%! Good time Charlie Rangel, a tax cheat himself and ranking Dhimmirat House banking committee member, had these words of wisdom:

"We figured that the local and state governments would take care of the other 10 percent."

Excuse me? Our government is now in the business of punitive, after the fact taxation?

I truly wish we had not spent one penny of taxpayer money on failing companies. That is NOT the role of government. But now that we have, it is not the government's role to micromanage business. But that is their goal. They lure you into believing they have your best interests in mind, but instead they want to destroy private industry and control every aspect of your life. If they can retroactively tax someone at 90%, what is to stop them from doing that to you and me.

Please take this to heart. In 2010 and 2012, cast your vote for Conservatives who believe in limited government and freedom. Our country deserves better than these clowns destroying this great nation. For

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