Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour...

Ah yes, today is the day we are supposed to shut off our lights and imitate those 3rd world nations that lack basic necessities of life. It does not matter the stress we place on the electrical grid. It doesn't matter that we are blessed with ample resources to produce more than 100x the electricity that we actually need.

No, none of that matters. Because we care. We care so much we are willing to live like the Bushmen of the Kalahari, well, for at least an hour anyway. And what will this accomplish? Not a damn thing. But a few raving mad socialists will feel like they did something. Just like those wristbands and ribbons worn by the fashionable, symbolism feels so much better than actually doing something that matters.

And what really makes all this laughable is that it is suppose to raise awareness for "global warming" even though the climate has been cooling for over a decade. But, there are still idiots in Washington that believe little ol' mankind is capable of changing the climate on this massive planet. What arrogance you must have to believe that man can change the climate, and even worse, that he could reverse the process.

Ignore that giant yellow ball in the sky. Ignore gravity, the magnetic fields, geothermal changes in the earth's core, volcanoes, solar radiation, the other 96% of greenhouse gasses that exist naturally, instead let's single out mankind and blame him.

So in honor of this wonderful hour, I give you my song Earth Hour, sung to the tune of Earth Angel.

Earth Hour,
Earth Hour,
I will be blind!
My darling dear,
In darkness confined.
I'm just a fool,
A fool who's being screwed.

Earth Hour,
Earth Hour,
And Big Al Gore,
Love him forever
And evermore.
He's just a fool,
A fool without a clue.

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