Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Dumbest Editorial I Have Ever Read....

E.J. Dionne is your typical socialist. He's a Hawvawd man and his political views are somewhere between Valdimir Lenin and Kim Jong-il. In Investor's Business Daily today, he penned an editorial titled Brave Leaders Will Set Stage For Tax Hikes. If you feel the need to feel dumber, or angrier, by all means click on the link. Here is the first paragraph:

The debate on the budget is phony, the howling on deficits a charade. Few politicians want to acknowledge that if you really are concerned about long-term deficits, you have to support tax increases.

Notice, in EJs mind the only way to reduce the deficit is tax increases. No mention of cutting the budget. Not even a hint at lowering taxes to spur economic growth and of course create more tax revenue. All of America is cutting back and spending less, but in Washington that is never considered an option. Why is that?

Obama plans a budget that dwarfs anything in the history of the Republic so now we have to raise taxes to pay for it? Why not just cut the budget? Does ACORN really need billions? Do we need all these bailouts? Does government really need to waste more money on unproven alternative fuels? Shouldn't Congressional pay and benefits be aligned with private sector pay (minimum wage based on their performance lately)?

He then goes on to pine for leaders "brave" enough to raise taxes. Are your freakin' kidding me?

And finally, he applauds Obama's move to cut back the charitable giving tax benefit? Frankly, we need to increase it! Get churches and charities more contributions and I bet you see less need for welfare, public schools and government assistance. Its a novel thought to someone obsessed with turning the United States government into some sort of sick, cradle-to-grave nanny state.

EJ - There is nothing brave about raising taxes. The truly brave thing would be to stand your ground and refuse to spend one penny more than what you take in. Its called fiscal responsibility. Look into it.

And EJ, if taxes were lowered and more revenue came in (which always happens), you make sure you lower the tax rate, or return excess funds to the people. I’m not holding my breath with the current crop of clowns that any of this would ever even be considered. But that would definitely be the BRAVE and RIGHT thing to do.

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