Monday, December 13, 2010

Deconstructing Tingles...

Chris Matthews, Mr. "thrill up my leg" himself, hosts a show called Hardball. Since few people watch it, I thought it would be helpful to post a video and let you see what you are missing. You can also access the video here if you have trouble viewing it.

This segment deals exclusively with Sarah Palin, a favorite target of the far left. His guests are Richard Wolffe, some schmuck from the ultra liberal MSNBC network, and Jay Newton-Small, a hyphenated lady from Time, one of the many Democrat house organs still in circulation despite rapidly declining numbers.

At the start, you will notice that all three have a profound hatred and obsession with Governor Palin. The tone is snarky and condescending and really unworthy of professional journalists. But then again this is MSNBC, where even Herr Goebbels would be envious of their methods.

The left long ago created a narrative on Palin. She is dumb, a diva, not well-read, a hick etc etc. Of course none of this is true. But if you repeat it enough times, even liberal simpletons will believe it to be true. Matthews starts the interview by insinuating that Palin does not answer her own interview questions. He has no proof, but liberals love false accusations and truth really does not matter to them anyway. Remember, its the seriousness of the charge that matters.

They then comment on her interview with Barbara Walters, a woman who jumped the shark before the invention of watercraft. Barbara, doing her best Katie Couric impression, asks Palin what she reads. Why this is relevant we will never know. Frankly, I would find it very condescending and I am not a former governor. The video was edited so that only a few sources were listed reinforcing the meme that Palin is uninformed.

One author mentioned that does not get cut is C. S. Lewis, who Richard Wolffe mocks as a "children's book author." Yes, Lewis did write the
Chronicles of Narnia, a beloved children's classic, with a not so subtle Christian message. But he was also one of the premier Christian apologists of the 20th century. Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters and Surprised By Joy, along with many other titles by Lewis, are Christian classics. According to the left, liberals are smart and well-read. Are we to assume Mr. Wolffe is simply ignorant of all the works by Lewis, or was he purposely trying to disparage Governor Palin for appreciating one of the great writers of our time? I assume its a little of both.

Chris then segues into his wish that all candidates should be forced to take a test, again implying that Palin might not pass this test. Frankly, I would like to see the same be done for TV personalities. I wonder if these three would pass a test that I would create.

And of course we have the feigned outrage over her slip of the tongue, where she mistakenly said Reagan went to college in California. Yep, you could travel to all
57 states, with one to go, and never find a liberal prone to gaffes like that.

And oh my gosh, Sarah Palin hunts! This is something I have personally experienced in my travels to the blue states. Liberals have an irrational fear of guns and a hatred of people who enjoy hunting. These same people wear leather and fur. And they consume all types of meat. But the thought of someone cutting out the middleman and bagging their own food sends them off the deep end. There are over 45 million hunters in America and several million more gun owners. Tingles might want to rethink his opinion on hunting.

And of course they quoted the "brilliant" screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who was displeased that Palin was a hunter. Why anyone in America would care what any Hollywood leftist has to say is a mystery. But if I'm looking for an opinion on just about anything, I would go with the former governor rather than a
serial drug abuser.

I realize Hardball is not news. I assume it is supposed to be entertainment. It certainly is a window into the soul of the left. And by the way, I know this post was quite snarky. Tingles brings out the worst in me.

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