Thursday, December 09, 2010

Too Many Morlocks, Too Few Eloi...

At times, we need a reality check.

People we have over 64 million people completely dependent on some form of government handout. That number will surely expand as 77 million baby boomers retire. And it will grow even more if we suddenly grant citizenship and freebies to millions of illegal aliens. Let's not forget the millions and growing civilian employees who receive a paycheck from the Federal government, which is another liability taxpayers have to cover. Add to that the billions we will spend for the bureaucracy and health care costs under Obamacare - see Medicare and Medicaid for a preview. 60% of the budget is already entitlements (Social Security, Medicaid etc) and interest on the debt and that is BEFORE Obamacare!

Its simple math. Half the population and growing pays virtually no Federal taxes (less than 3% of the entire tax burden), but continually wants more freebies and handouts. Regulations, lawsuits, high taxes and unions keep driving businesses to other countries reducing our tax base and putting more people in the unemployed or underemployed category. The ultra rich, like many Democrats and their supporters, can leave the country or hide their money - see Soros, Rangel, John Kerry etc. There is simply not enough of us ordinary "rich" folks to create or maintain the socialist utopia where everyone has free health care, never works and has a pony in their backyard.

Or put another way, the Morlocks will soon outnumber the Eloi. After they consume all the Eloi, will the Morlocks turn on each other?

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