Sunday, December 12, 2010

Go Sarah Go!

Who is the most powerful Conservative voice in America today?

Who single-handedly reframed the health care debate and drastically slowed the onslaught of the government takeover with nothing more than a Facebook post?

Who after resigning an elected position (which was the right decision for the people of Alaska in the face of frivolous Democrat manufactured ethics charges that were costing taxpayers money and paralyzing state business) is an even more powerful national figure?

During the last Presidential election, which of the four candidates for POTUS and VPOTUS had the most executive and business experience, and was the most familiar with life in the real world?

Who has become a Conservative kingmaker even in faraway local elections?

Who has the most experience working with the energy industry, the lifeblood of a growing economy?

Who is a fundraising and base-energizing dynamo?

Who represents the interests of most Americans when it comes to the most important issues - lower taxes, limited government, stopping the global warming hoax and national defense?

Whose books are both best sellers?

Who turns leftists into foaming at the mouth lunatics, even more so than usual?

Who is most feared by the elitists in New York and Washington, the same folks largely responsible for the current mess in DC?

Who truly is a compassionate Conservative in word and deed?

Sarah Palin is not perfect - nobody is. But she is the strongest Conservative voice in America, and at this point, the best hope to stop the carnage in Washington. If someone better emerges, fantastic. The more strong Conservative leaders the better. I will rally around the one that shares my passion for freedom.

I don't even use the term RINO (Republican In Name Only) to refer to most Republicans these days. They are Democrat-lites, or as Mark Steyn so brilliantly labeled them, DIABLO (Democrat In All But Label Only). I'm tired of them compromising our freedom away. We can't afford any more "hope and change."

I would think all Republicans, Conservatives, or even a few DIABLOs could support limited government, lower taxes, strong national defense and opposing the global warming hoax with its evil "solutions" proposed by AlGore and the UN.

That doesn't sound too "radical" or "right-wing" to me.

As for me, I support Sarah Palin. There are few Conservative leaders on the horizon that have inspired me like Palin. Maybe that makes me a "nutcase" or maybe I am just a patriotic American that loves this country. But until someone else takes up the Conservative cause and stands up to Washington, she's my best hope. And I will not let the propaganda arm of the Democrat party, the mainstream media, or a bunch establishment kingmakers, or even Ivy League-trained pinheads decide who will be my nominee. Been there, done that, and didn't even get a freakin' commemorative T-shirt.

Whether its Palin or some other nominee, it will be a Conservative that loves this country and is committed to reversing the curse of the last few years and actually draining the stinky swamp that is DC.

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